Why Do MLB Players Use Wooden Bats?

Have you ever watched a baseball game and wondered: Why do MLB Players Use Wooden Bats instead of metal ones? The truth is that metal sticks are much lighter than wooden sticks.

Amateur baseball players still use metal bats, but professional players don’t. In particular, Major League Baseball won’t allow players to use wooden bats. So, what is the reason behind this? What are the differences between the two bats? Let’s find out in today’s post!

What rules do Major League Baseball Set For Bats?

MLB has established an official set of policies for using baseball bats, and players are required to follow:

  • A baseball bat must be a united solid wood piece. At the thickest point of the club, the diameter should not exceed 2.5 inches. The total length is less than 42 inches.
  • Prototype bats: Professional tournaments prohibit using prototype bats. The MLB Rules Committee has to approve the bat’s design and production process then that bat can be used in official games. Remember, do not use the prototype bat without permission.
  • For bats with cambered shape or bats with concave at the front end, the depth must not be more than 1 inch, less than 2 inches wide, and 1 inch in diameter. The 18-inch is the highest rating for the bat.
  • The MLB’s referee has the right to disqualify a player from the game if the bats do not meet this requirement ( applying strange substances or any treatment to improve the grip of the bat)
  • No bats with eccentricities or unusual colors can be applied unless accepted by the Rules Committee.

The Wooden Bats

The Wooden Bats


Major League Players Are Just That Good!

Do you prefer a game full of home runs? Because metal bats can hit the ball quickly, our professionals just showed their skills to muscle a home run.

Wooden bats are slower, heavier, and require more skills to use, so players using wooden bats need more strength to reach the ball in the right way. Since it’s much safer than metal ones, wooden bats have always been the staple of professional baseball players.

Batting Averages Wouldn’t Be So Average Anymore!

Wooden bats have become indispensable equipment since baseball was invented, and of course, many world’s legends have used wooden bats to create miracles. So if we suddenly switch to aluminum bats now, then the comparison between current players’ scores with those of the legend will not remain accurate anymore.

The widespread use of wooden bats in baseball, especially in major tournaments, plays a vital part in deciding who the new legend is!

Safety on the Sidelines

Professional baseball players ( small leagues and major-league players) are able to hit the ball extremely hard. For example, the hardest ball-hit in 2019 took place on the 11th, by Vladimir Guerrero JR (118 miles/hour). Let’s imagine, if at that time he used an al-bat instead of a wooden one, then the speed of the ball would be dangerous for the audience.

Professional players only use wooden sticks in playing to ensure the safety of other players and fans. Do you want to risk your life every time you attend a major tournament?

Metal bats will have a much faster speed than wooden bats, which means that the audience has to bend over to the chair every time they hit the ball. In addition, using wooden bats allows our players to defend more safely; we don’t want our professional baseball players getting hurt.

Professional baseball players

Professional baseball players


Wondering the number of wooden bats will a professional player use on average one season?

This number is not staying the same because the stats of each player in each season are different. However, the statistics indicate that on average, one MLB player can use at least 3-4 bats/ season, while others can make it through more than 10 bats.

This will depend on several factors such as the number of shots a player has in one season and his or her ability to hit sweet spots.

So, what kind of wooden baseball is the easiest to break?

Fiber and hardness are the two factors that determine whether a bat is easily broken or not.

Pros player checks his bat during a team workout

  • Hickory Bat: This wood has the highest weight, so it rarely breaks. But the weight also reduces the player’s swing speed.
  • Maple bats: This bat has had an impressive background since appearing in MLB. In the past, Berry Bonds – this legend used these bats when he broke many records. However, once broken, the Maple bat will cause sharp fragments, which fly at high speed and will increase the danger of injury to people around, so the use of wind bats is still a controversial subject.
  • Bamboo Bats: String bats are favored because they are durable, light, and much stronger in comparison with other woods. But, according to the rules about bat construction, a piece of solid wood must be used. Bamboo bats need assembling, so this type of bat is banned.
  • Ash bat: This type of bat has been proven for durability, availability. Besides, the wood grain is perfect, so the chance of the bat breaking overtime is really low.

In conclusion

This article has explained, “why do MLB players use wooden bats instead of other types of bats?”. Although there are many reasons, the main reason is to ensure the safety of players and spectators. If you are an amateur, then aluminum sticks are fine, but for tournaments like MLB, wooden bats are irreplaceable.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned to our next posts!

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