Which Baseball Position Is The Easiest? What is the least important position in baseball?

Baseball is one of the most popular team sports in the world. In a team,  9 players hold 9 different positions. Each position has separate tasks. All 9 positions are important in a game. But the difficulty level of each position is different.

There we have the most difficult and the easiest position to play. Today this article will let you know which position in baseball is the easiest. Besides, there are also a few words about nine baseball positions.

Which Baseball Position Is The Easiest?

The right field is considered as the easiest position in baseball.

In a baseball game, the difficulty level of each position depends on the number of hitting balls to that position. According to the statistics and the active involvement of each position in a baseball game, the easiest baseball position is the right field.

Most people are right-handed. So do baseball players. About three-quarters of the players are right-handed, the rest are left-handed. However, some players practice being ambidextrous when playing baseball. The batter will hit the ball with the opposite hand in comparison with the pitcher to take advantage.

Since 75% of players are right-handed, including pitchers, maybe for every 4 hit balls, 3 will end up on the left or middle left field. So in a 9-inning baseball game, the right field will have to play the least in the team.

Despite the few chances of fielding, the right field still has to practice skills as other outfields. Because when the ball arrives, the right field has to catch and throw it with the same ability as the left field.


Nine baseball positions-Terms Of Difficulty

To make it easier to understand, let’s take a tour of positions in baseball and their level in terms of difficulty.

Nine baseball positions are located on a diamond-shaped baseball field. The home plate is on the tip of the diamond. The outfield is the widest part of the diamond. 9 players hold 9 positions with different tasks.

9 baseball positions

9 baseball positions locate on a diamond-shaped baseball field 

The pitcher

The pitcher is the person making pitches towards the batter. The pitcher will stand on a mound facing the batter. His supporting leg is above or touches the front of the pitcher’s plate, but not outside it. When making the pitch, the pitcher will also become an infielder. The pitcher has to prevent the batter from making hits, especially home runs.

The pitcher is one of the most difficult positions to play. Besides, among nine positions, the pitcher has the highest risk of getting injuries. That’s why people call it the most dangerous baseball position.

The catcher

The position of the catcher is behind the home base. The catcher will catch the ball and throw it back to the pitcher. The catcher’s main task is trying to weed out the runners who steal the base. Besides, the catcher has to prevent the runners from reaching the home base to score points.

The catcher is considered the most difficult position to play in baseball. He has the most tasks and responsibilities to decide the victory or defeat of the team.

pitcher and catcher

The first baseman

The first baseman is the person playing in the infield. His location is on or near first base. His main task is trying to capture all the pitches from the infielder teammates hit by the batters.

This may sound simple, but the first baseman is not an easy position. The player holding this position often has to stretch his body to pick low pitches out of the dirt.

The second baseman

This is the person playing in defense on the right side of the baseball field. He usually stands between 1st and 2nd base. His main task is trying to protect the second base. He will capture the pitches from outfielders, sometimes from infielders. He also has to dodge the slides of the runners in case of a double-play.

The tasks of the second baseman are not too difficult. But it is still a quite challenging position to play.

The third baseman

The third baseman plays in the infield. His location is usually above or near 3rd base. The third baseman will capture the ball after the batter’s hit and throw it back to 1st and 2nd base. This is a difficult position to play. The third baseman needs to make accurate and powerful throws to prevent the runners from scoring points.

The shortstop

In the position of a shortstop, the player plays in defense between the 2nd and 3rd base. This is not an easy position because it requires high speed and accuracy. In a baseball game, the shortstop has to field almost infield ground balls. He is usually the best defensive player on the team.

The left field

This is the person who plays in defense in the left-field behind the shortstop. Among the outfielders, the left field is the most challenging position. Up to 75% of hit balls will go to the left and center field. So he has to make many powerful and accurate throws to the home plate.

The center field

The center field plays in defense at the Middlefield position, behind the 2nd base. He is usually the fastest one among the 3 outfielders. He has to run along most of the outfield territory to catch the balls.

When there is a baseball flying among the outfielders, the center field will decide who will take the shot. Thus, this is also one of the most difficult positions in baseball.

The right field

This position is on the right of the outfield, behind the 2nd base. Many people consider the right field as the easiest baseball position. Because almost all balls are hit by right-handed hitters, the right field has fewer chances to field.

Similar to the center field and left field, the right field also needs a great arm. He has to throw the balls accurately to an infield cutoff man to prevent a runner from scoring points.

What is the least important position in baseball?

In baseball, all positions are important and contribute to the success or failure of the game.  However, some positions are less important than others.  Many people think that the right field is the easiest position, but it is not the least important position.

According to surveys, we can sort the 9 positions into different degrees of importance. The pitcher holds the most important position in baseball. And the least important one is the first baseman.

Almost all the other positions require the players to have throwing skills. But as a first baseman, you will not be too stressed about the accuracy of the throws like other positions.

Final Words

Thus, the easiest baseball position is the right field. However, no matter what position you play, you still need to practice well and have good skills. Hopefully, you have known well about the role of each position. From there you can decide which position is right for you.