What is The Best Wood Baseball Bat for You?

Baseball bats are made from different materials like wood, aluminum, or alloy. Each type has its own advantages during practice, in which, wood bats are the most commonly used ones in baseball.

Wooden bats are safe and durable, which can ensure the comfort and safety of trainees during competition or practice. Therefore, to choose the right one, keep on reading our blog of best wood baseball bats to find out!

In this article, we have included many useful pieces of information:

  • The overview of wood baseball bats
  • Specific bats with detailed reviews
  • Overall buying guide for any best baseball bats

Overview of Wood Baseball Bats

Wood baseball bats have been used for a long time since this game was created. Until now, though there has been the introduction of metal bats, the wood bat is the only one used in professional competitions.

Wood baseball bats are made from 3 main types of wood, which are Ash, Maple, and Birch. Each type of bat is either more or less favorable to players, depending on the hardness, flexibility, durability, and sound.

Moreover, there is a special thing in maple and birch bats – an ink dot above the knob. As the grains of these types of wood are quite close and hard to see, the manufacturers leave a black ink dot to expose the grains and show their qualities.

Wood for bat

Best Wood Baseball Bats – Quick comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Louisville Slugger
Genuine Series 3X Ash Mixed
4.8/5Check Price
Louisville Slugger
Genuine Series 3 Maple C271
4.7/5Check Price
Louisville Slugger 2020
Youth Genuine
4.6/5Check Price
White Ash Wood
4.6/5Check Price
EASTON Pro 110
Ash Wood
4.5/5Check Price
Mizuno Maple Elite4.3/5Check Price


Things to Consider When Choosing A Wood Bat

So as to choose the right wood baseball bat for your own, there are some vital factors that you should take into careful consideration before making an order:


Although there are many different types of hitters in baseball, in fact, they can be divided into 2 main types:

  • A power hitter is a skilled player who uses power to hit home runs. Their bats are usually dense and hard to increase power.
  • A contact hitter often does not strike out but puts the ball in the play and runs to the base. They require a lighter bat with greater swing speed.

Types of Wood


Different types of wood are different in hardness, flexibility, durability, and sound of the bat. Thus, they are favorable to a certain player.

Here is the checklist of the most used wood for bats among famous players.

  • Ash: This is one of the oldest wood types in baseball bat manufacturing. It is famous for its flexibility and lightweight. It is considered to be safer as there are no flying barrels when breaking. However, ash is the least durable wood of all.
  • Maple: It is now estimated to be used by 70% of players. This type of wood is hard and dense due to close grains and does not suffer much from flaking. Still, when it breaks, it shatters and may hurt players.
  • Birch: It features two strengths of ash and maple. It is flexible and durable, but of course, it is just like a hybrid and does not have pops.
  • Bamboo: It is really durable, even more than maple. However, it is not popular as it can’t perform as well as others and should be used for practice only.
  • Composite: As the name says, this is a combination of different materials. The advantage is that it can combine the strength of the materials included. However, for ranks, the composite bats must have the BBCOR-certified stamp.

Weight and Length

Weight and Length are vital to the games.

As far as length is concerned, if the bat is too long, it may have unnecessary weight and make you tired. Meanwhile, if it is too short, you may not be able to hit the outside pitches.

About the weight, players should consider the weight drop (weight to length ratio) carefully. The easiest way to detect the right weight for your bat is to hold it in 45 seconds straight in front of your chest. If you can do it, then it is the right weight for you; otherwise, you should choose another.

Thus, before buying a wood baseball bat, take time to think about these things:

  • Are you a power hitter or a contact hitter?
  • How much and how long can you hold the bat?
  • What do you use the bat for?
  • Are you a beginner or experienced?
  • What is the limit of your budget?

Top 6 Wood Baseball Bats

#1: Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3X Ash Mixed: Provides Power And Has Great Durability

Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3X AshCheck Latest Price

For those who are looking for a powerful and durable wood baseball bat, we strongly recommend the product of the Louisville Slugger brand. And one of them is Wilson Louisville Slugger WTLW3AMIXB1632.

Why is it good and worth being recommended?

First of all, this baseball bat is made from ash wood, which was very popular years ago. However, although it has decreased in popularity, the ash bat is the most flexible one, which can give players the feeling of an aluminum bat.

To be more specific, it is the ash wood that helps to bring sweeter spots with more durability.

What is more, unlike stiffer wood bats, this ash-made baseball bat guarantees safety for players. Whenever it breaks, there are no flying barrels as they stay together. Obviously, this becomes a huge bonus for this wood bat.

Is there anything else?

Yes, of course. Compared to other wood baseball bats on our list today, this one is comparatively cheaper. But that is not all about this baseball bat. Thanks to the ash wood, the Wilson Louisville Slugger is given the traditional look. Combining these two features, you have a classic-looking bat with a relatively low price.

In contrast, according to the description of manufacturers, this wood baseball bat belongs to the Series 3X Ash, so it is a little bit heavier than its counterparts. However, this is said to have no effect on the performance of the bat as long as you are older than 12 years old.

Side note: Although it is durable, players should preserve it in good condition with no mild and direct sunlight, which are known to fade the finishes and make the bat prone to flaking.


  • Sweet spots
  • More durable
  • Flexible
  • Lower price
  • Traditional look


  • Heavier and not suitable for under 12-year-old players

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#2: Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3 Maple C271 – Parent: Better Bat Speed And Control

Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3 Maple C271

Check Latest Price

Louisville Slugger is a US manufacturer whose bats are used in big international ranks. This Louisville Slugger Genuine Series 3 Maple C271 baseball bat is well-known for its speed and control.

At first glance, its eye-catching color of black gives people a feeling of intact. In fact, the black finish helps the bat always look new and prevents such damages as scratches from being seen.

Moreover, it is made from maple wood, a popularly durable type of wood compared to its counterparts. Combined with that, the end of the bat is cupped to increase swing speed.

As the name said, this baseball bat is made with the bat cut of C271. The 271 cut has a quicker taper and a 15/16 of inch handle, which allows a larger hitting surface for players, helping them control the bat better.

For the two reasons above, this Louisville Slugger is presented for speed and control.

The only thing you should take note of is, players may suffer from flying barrels if you hit the ball on the end grain. Still, do not worry much! For fear of that, manufacturers have placed the label on the end to encourage hitting with the face grain.


  • Black finish to lower the damage
  • Better control
  • Faster


  • Risks of flying barrels

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#3: Louisville Slugger WTLWYA125A20: The Best Youth Wood Bats

Louisville Slugger 2020 Youth Genuine

Check Latest Price

We can’t help but introducing the Louisville Slugger baseball bats. It can be said that Louisville Slugger is the leading manufacturer in terms of baseball bats and other accessories. This is because the brand provides a wide range of choices of high-quality products – for all levels of players.

This Louisville Slugger 2020 Youth Genuine Series is no exception. What is more, players can choose either ash or maple wood.

Most importantly, this baseball bat features high-quality youth wood and a medium-sized handle, which is completely suitable for the younger hands as it does not need to be regulated.

Meanwhile, the center of gravity lies near the middle of the bat, allowing players to control and swing much better.

Good as it is, due to its being small, this wood baseball bat is more suited with young players, amateurs, or those who want to have fun or practice.


  • Either ash or maple
  • Full black finish
  • Medium-sized handle for younger hands


  • Somehow small

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#4: EASTON B2000 White Ash Wood: Maximum Hardness And Showcases Their Engineering Prowess

EASTON B2000 White Ash Wood

Check Latest Price

Easton is a brand that supplies different sizes for different players. This means that Easton baseball bats are suitable for both amateurs and professional players.

Made in the USA with white ash wood from North America, the Easton B2000 white ash wood can be said to feature many characteristics of ash wood, including the softness which gives players a forgiving feeling and sweet spots.

In addition, the cut of 110 makes the taper long, helping to distribute the weight of the bat evenly. Along with that, the cupped end and small knob also help to balance the bat and make it easier to control. For those who are contact hitters, we highly recommend this wood bat for you.

And above all, the outlook of this baseball bat is so great! The whole bat is finished with full black, giving players a feeling of mystery and power. And the coolest thing is that it is handcrafted. This means the bat is all handmade or just finished by hand.

What are you waiting for? Let’s add it to your shopping bucket right away!


  • Softness
  • The 110 cut
  • Balance
  • Handcrafted


  • Risks of flying barrels like other ash bats

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#5: EASTON Pro 110: A Little Crazy – Most InnovativeEASTON Pro 110

Check Latest Price

The Easton Pro 110 is another baseball bat provided by Easton – a company that has a loyal following and is used by many professional players.

The Easton Pro 110 is considered to be one of the most innovative bats due to the technology used in this baseball bat. It is applied with the design innovation and expertise of metal bats of this company and thus, the overall durability of the bat is much more increased.

Moreover, this bat comes constructed from light ash wood that can flex when you make contact through the zone. Along with that, the wood is handcrafted with advanced technology, making this baseball bat harder and featuring high speed. In other words, you can hit the ball with a larger force and velocity.

This bat is known to suit both contact and gap hitters. Why is it? Because it has medium-sized barrels and a slightly thicker handle which gives a balanced feel.

However, do not expect too much about the low-quality delivery of this baseball bat. Several bats are delivered with scratches or defects. Thus, remember to ask the seller to wrap it carefully before delivering it.


  • The advanced technology of metal bats
  • Light ash wood
  • A balanced feel


  • Low-quality delivery

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#6: Mizuno Maple Elite Baseball Bat: Budget Blaster

Mizuno Maple Elite

Check Latest Price

The Mizuno Maple Elite Baseball Bat is the last wood baseball bat we would like to introduce today.

At a glance, players may be attracted by the brown shiny coat of the bat. The walnut brown finish really makes it a premium wood baseball bat.

More than that, the rock hard maple is selected from the high-quality material by hand. Sophisticated! This wood baseball bat is handmade from the first step to the last one.

Not only that, but the material is also lightweight and premium. Both of the features help reduce unneeded weight and enhance the balance of the bat.

Anything else?

The most interesting thing is the Supra-Helix Grip wrap. It provides players with comfort and durability.

The only thing you should take note of is the weight drop of this bat, which means the weight to length ratio. The weight drop of this Mizuno bat is approximately minus 3. Sometimes, beginners complain about the slightly heavier weight than other wood baseball bats.


  • Brown shiny finish
  • Hand-selected materials
  • Supra-Helix Grip wrap


  • Slightly heavier for beginners

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What Wood Makes the Best Wood Bats?

It is hard to tell the wood to make the best wood bats. However, players have a tendency to choose among these types of wood when starting a professional career: maple, ash, and birch.

Do not worry too much when your wood baseball bat does not feature the wood listed above. The performance of a wood bat depends largely on how you choose it, including styles and preferences.


Nowadays, baseball has been a popular game among teenagers and young adults. Therefore, if you decide to take it up, owning a good bat is a great advantage to help you win the points.

We hope that, with our detailed review and guidelines, you can choose your own best wood baseball bat.

If you have any comments or questions on this topic, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. We will answer you more clearly! And now, thanks for reading!

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