What is BBCOR? Everything you need to know about the bat performance standard

Baseball is one of the most favorite sports all over the world. The bat is an indispensable item for every baseball game. Each bat has a different length and weight. The materials used to make bats are also diverse.

But if you want to use a bat for a baseball game, it has to meet some standards. One of these standards is BBCOR. Today let’s check out some information about this standard.

BBCOR Certification

What is BBCOR?

BBCOR is the abbreviation of “Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution”. This is the standard regulating the amount of lost energy when the baseball contacts the bat.

NFHS and NCAA are two associations enforcing BBCOR. People use BBCOR for non-wood bats such as metal or composite bats. The BBCOR standard gives these bats the same effects as wooden bats, even when they get damaged.

The higher the bounce effect of bat-ball contact, the faster the ball leaves the bat. The NCAA and the NFHS define that 0.50 as the greatest value to certify every BBCOR baseball bat.


Bats that meet BBCOR standard 

Besides, there are also 3 other criteria to consider if a bat meets BBCOR or not:

  • The diameter of the bat should be within 2.625 inches.
  • Bat’s drop weight must not be higher than 3.
  • The length of the bat must not exceed 36 inches.



BESR, standing for Bat Exit Speed Ratio, is also a standard to measure bat performance. Before BBCOR is enforced, people use BESR to test baseball bats. Since January 2012, BBCOR bats have been the only valid bats used for players from 14 to 18 years old.

For the BESR standard, people determine the exit speed of the ball after hitting the bat. The standard speed is 115mph.

But the amount of lost energy during the bat-ball contact, or bounce effect, is the value of BBCOR. The standard value is 0.50.

BBCOR Vs. Big Barrel Baseball Bats

Big Barrel Baseball Bats aka Big Barrel Youth bats are bats with a barrel’s diameter of 2.75 inches. These bats have a barrel bigger than BBCOR bats with a barrel’s diameter of 2.625 inches.

Big Barrel Baseball bats also have dropped weight from 5 to 12. This drop weight index is bigger than BBCOR bats’ of 3. That makes Big Barrel Baseball bats lighter than BBCOR bats.

Some young players can feel a bit difficult to lift and swing BBCOR bats because they are quite small and heavy. So Big Barrel Youth bats are a better choice.


Big Barrel Baseball Bats is lighter and has bigger barrel than BBCOR bats

Instead of following the BBCOR standard, Big Barrel Baseball bats have to meet other standards. That may be USABat standard or USSSA standard.

An USABat standard bat is quite like a BBCOR standard one, but with a slightly larger barrel and lighter weight. This bat is suitable for young players to make acquaintance with bats before using BBCOR standard bats later.

USSSA standard does not test the performance of the bat by the trampoline effect but the exit ball speed. 1.15 is the standard index.

USSSA standard bats include bats with barrel’s diameter larger than BBCOR bats and lighter weight. This bat type is mainly for young players from 7 to 13 years old, depending on the requirements of the leagues.

Why Was This Standard Created?

Home runs and runs scored count depends on the ball exit speed. The standard speed of 115mph leads to the increase of home runs and runs scored. This has become a controversial debate for a long time.

The standard creates more favors for the catchers than the pitchers. And the safety of the pitcher is also a big problem. So we have BBCOR.

If you use the BBCOR standard to test a BESR bat, the bounce effect will be a little higher than 0.50. Although this is only a slight difference in number, it causes much effect in reality. Thus, people have switched completely to BBCOR from the BESR standard.

exit speed after hitting the bat

Home runs and runs scored count depends on the ball exit speed after hitting the bat

When using BBCOR standard bats, the exit speed of the baseball after hitting the bat decreases by 5 to 6%. This change helps the game become fairer. Moreover, it also reduces the danger for the pitcher and other people in the foul zone.

Who Uses the BBCOR Standard?

BBCOR standards are compulsory for testing bats for every high school and collegiate baseball. Some youth leagues with players from 11-14 years old may have to follow BBCOR standards.

All the metal, composite, composite wood, or bamboo bats must have BBCOR certification. BBCOR standard bats can help young players to practice their muscles and hitting skills.

The BBCOR standard is not used to certify whole wooden bats (except bamboo bats) and other big barrel bats.

Is my bat certified?

How to know whether your bat is BBCOR certified or not? The easiest way is to check the BBCOR certified mark on the bat. But this mark is only available for non-wood bats.


Check the BBCOR certified mark on the bat to know whether your bat is BBCOR certified or not 

So, how can you check the BBCOR certification of composite wood or bamboo bats? Another way is to check the list of NCAA certified baseball bats from the website of Washington State University. You can find and buy any bat on this list. All of them have BBCOR certification.

Are wood bats BBCOR certified?

Generally, BBCOR certification is for non-wood bats. However, if a wood bat is one-piece and solid, it does not need a BBCOR certification. It is automatically certified with BBCOR standards. This regulation is for all wood bats excluding bamboo bats. A bamboo bat must have BBCOR certification.


If a wood bat is one-piece and solid, it does not need a BBCOR certification

For the composite wood bats, people will do some examines to check the solid. Then they will certify those bats as BBCOR standard bats if they have enough conditions.

Final Words

Hopefully, through this article, you are clear about the BBCOR standard. There are many types of baseball bats. Different bats have different standard certifications. You should consider choosing the right baseball for yourself.