What Does QAB Mean In Baseball?

Anyone who plays professional baseball should know about the QAB concept. However, the question “What Does QAB Mean In Baseball?” might confuse many new players. If you are looking to understand this concept, you can read our article as a reference, thus, adding knowledge regarding this fascinating sport.

What does QAB mean in Baseball?

The term QAB is probably a concept familiar to professional baseball players. However, the number of new players who do not fully understand the meaning of QAB is also not small.

You can simply understand that QAB is almost a quality measured by a baseball player’s exact parameters and specifications. Measured parameters are mainly related to his productivity and specific technique in his ball situations. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Polished Medium (AVG)
  • Percentage on a basis (OBP)
  • Slip rate (SLG)

These parameters will help the athlete keep track of the stability of his batting situations and find ways to improve it. When an athlete’s parameters are good enough, he is considered a QAB.

To put it more easily, A QAB must be the one who made the most active contributor and brought the score to the team. Thus, we can convert these quality parameters into a percentage reference system. People often see the QAB as a score for the team’s productivity.

Of course, in order to perform these shots, you need to acquire skills related to adjusting body state and exercising regularly.

Quality Plate Appearances VS. Quality At-Bats


Quality Plate Appearances VS. Quality At-Bats

Many people may confuse QABs with Plate Appearances because they have many similarities with each other. Therefore, if you want to distinguish these two concepts, you need to grasp the following differences:

Plate Appearances

The “Plate Appearances” will be given to the player as soon as he has completed his batting turn, for good or bad. However, there are a few cases that will not be recognized, as follows:

  • In the event of being arrested or robbed of a turn
  • End the game with a decisive score scored from a 3rd baseline or other instances such as a failed ball, a passing ball, or a fault in your batting situations.

At Bats

“At Bat” an opportunity to score a batter’s score before each opponent’s pitch. The standards that are set explicitly for batter against batter face-to-face are:

  • Have at least two successful returns after three throws
  • At least six throws at-bats
  • Basic additional hitting
  • The flies are sacrificed.
  • Sacrifice Bunts
  • Walk

Your Plate Appearances points will contribute to your QPA points, and At Bats will partly determine your QAB score.

Calculating Quality at Bats Percentage

Calculate Bats Percentage

Here are different ways to measure your QAB percentage. Here is one of our ideas regarding this calculation. You can refer to and choose from this calculation so you can maintain your At-Bats scores.

However, it must be repeated that this is just one of the many different measures you can find on the internet. By choice, you can print it out and stick it on your gym.

  • Estimate your total At-Bats score exactly
  • Look at each of the At-bats that you have measured against your standards and pick the At-bats that contribute the most positive metrics to your team.
  • Consider the Bat Productivity score
  • Follow the formula: (Quality in Bats) / (In Bats) x 100 = QAB percent

Using the above formula, you have found your QAB, and if it is not up to the standard, you have to find ways to improve those At-bats that you are poor at. If you do not know what a percentage is right, we recommend setting a target above 60% QAB.

Why is QAB Important?

There are many instances throughout your baseball game that can happen. Specifically, not always trying to make a powerful shot towards the back of the field is also a right choice because it also depends on the distance between the opponent and your team or the team’s number of points. Therefore, the goal of the entire team is to win by working together well. Young players often make these basic mistakes because of their presumptuousness and lack of game experience. Many mistakes lead to wrong results for a team just because the young members are not interested in securing the QAB stat and freely play their way.

In short, if you are practicing playing the sport, gradually develop an awareness of the importance of QAB in matches and seriously improve this stat.


Above are all the experiences and knowledge that we would like to share with you about the QAB. After this article, we hope that you will be able to answer the question “What Does Qab Mean In Baseball?”.

Not only that, you need to practice to improve and maintain this state throughout your game. This will be one of the good ways so that your team can win baseball matches. Posts are for knowledge and information only. We wish you success with baseball!

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