The Definitive Guide to the Best Youth Baseball Gloves

There are many reasons why people suffer from risks while playing baseball. In order not to resort to the unacceptable excuse of not having a decent glove, especially for kids, consult our comprehensive below for top-rated baseball gloves as well as common problems with purchasing and storage.

Best Youth Baseball Gloves – Quick comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Franklin Meshtek4.8/5Check Price
Rawlings Players Series 4.7/5Check Price
Prospect PowerClose
4.5/5Check Price
Rawlings Sandlot4.5/5Check Price
Wilson A2K
Baseball Glove
4.4/5Check Price
Wilson A2000
Baseball Glove
4.4/5Check Price


What to keep in mind when buying youth baseball gloves?

  • Type of throw

Unless you have taken up baseball for quite a long time, you may find this helpful. If your kid is right-handed (he/ she throws with the right hand and catch with the left hand), you should get him/ her a left-hand glove, and vice versa.

  • Pocket size

Glove sizing is of paramount importance, and it has a lot to do with the players’ performances. Wearing inappropriate gloves, whether too large or too small, may cramp their style as they have difficulty maneuvering and catching the ball.

For this reason, you should pay special attention to the size of the glove. For the sake of snugness, measure the length (from the tip of the middle finger to the wrist) and the width (circumference of the palm) of your hand in centimeters.


  • Material

The material determines the comfort and sturdiness it possesses. Baseball gloves are commonly made of leather, treated leather, mesh, and synthetic materials, each of which offers different highlights.

Leather and treated leather give a sense of softness and durability, while mesh and synthetic materials respectively provide flexibility and acquaint players with the gloves more quickly.

  • Padding protection and webbing

The thicker the padding is, the more protection is given to the players. Therefore, padded gloves contribute to minimizing injuries to your hand and palm.

There are two main types of glove webs: open webs (suitable for infielders and outfielders) and close webs (suitable for catchers and pitchers). They also come in a variety of styles, depending on your personal preferences and position on the field.

  • Budget

Buying a top-rated glove for a Little League player can cost an arm and a leg, but if your budget is limited, you can still opt for reasonably priced gloves that are still of good quality.

Your kids’ hands will continue to grow, which means their existing gloves will have to be replaced soon, so affordable gloves will suffice.

Top 6 Best Baseball Gloves for Youth

Franklin Meshtek

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This product comes from the Mesktek Recreational series of an expert manufacturer of leather: Franklin. If you are a newbie to the world of tee ball, this glove is an ideal option for you, as it has all the makings to help first players learn the game with ease.

The mesh construction, together with the lightweight, brings a sense of comfort, and little children can open and close it effortlessly. The pocket is also tailor-made to the contour of their hands for the sake of a snug fit. What is more, the glove comes ready to play, so kids can play catch right after purchasing it without having to break in.

An additional highlight of this glove is its fashionable look. Its blue and green theme is vibrant and easily identifiable, and there are four other color options for your child to choose from.

For all the above strengths, the glove also comes with its shortcomings. The laces are complained to be loose and easily come apart, which may cause inconvenience during a baseball game. And the glove is only available in one size (9’’)

All things considered, our final verdict is that this is one of the best youth gloves for fielding.


  • Comfy and easy to control
  • Provide a close-to-hand fit
  • No need to break-in
  • Stylish designs


  • Loose laces
  • Only available in one size

Rawlings Players Series

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Up next in our list is Rawlings from the Players Series Youth Tball. The styles and designs vary according to the catered ages, specifically from 3 to 9. The magnificent appearance itself speaks volumes about the glove’s high quality, and this is a wise choice for beginners.

Unlike other baseball gloves, this product can be an excellent companion of any positions, whether you are an infielder, catcher or pitcher. The shell is soft and flexible, which enables easy closure and catching.

The provided flexibility is taken to a whole new level thanks to the Basket Web Pattern, and lining materials also deliver a sense of premium comfort. Being a performance-oriented product, the glove is equipped with deep pocket and sturdy construction, which cannot fail to satisfy even the pickiest customers.

Having said that, there still remains some disadvantages which Rawlings needs to overcome. A number of buyers complain that the color they receive is not the same as what they order, which necessitates a return of the product.

Generally speaking, the glove still deserves to be ranked among the best youth baseball gloves.


  • Applicable to any positions
  • Enhanced flexibility and comfort
  • Sturdy and boost performance


  • Delivery is sometimes inaccurate

Mizuno Prospect PowerClose

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Here comes another first-rate baseball mitt: Mizuno Prospect PowerClose. Having a good reputation, Mizuno has always been a first-time players’ go-to manufacturer of sports gear.

At first glance, these gloves are not as glossy as products from other brands, but you should not cast any doubts on its quality. The palm is coated with PU, thus being able to create softness and prevent abrasion at the same time. This construction also makes the glove durable, which is further enhanced by its 100% grain pigskin leather.

The glove is equipped with the Parashock Palm Pad technology, helping to minimize the shock on the kids’ hands and keep them sting-free during a game. The producers also integrate the Power Close and Tartan Flex Web, which pose no challenge for players to open and close it. Furthermore, the size of the pocket ranges from 9” to 11.5”, so kids are able to find a suitable one quickly.

Flaunting such outstanding characteristics, Mizuno youth baseball glove still has its weak points.  According to some customers, the laces are not very durable and may rip after several times of use.

Overall, if you are looking for a reasonably priced and fine glove for your kid, look for products no further than Mizuno.


  • Pocket-friendly
  • Soft and abrasion-resistant
  • Easy to break-in
  • Resilient


  • Laces may be subject to decreased durability after a period of time.

Rawlings Sandlot

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Considered one of the best youth baseball gloves from the influential Rawlings family, Rawlings Sandlot is our next recommendation in this list. It has continuously ranked as the best seller baseball catcher’s mitts for many consecutive months.

In total, there are six styles, each of which comes with different pocket sizes and web styles, therefore serves distinguished functions. The main tones of this Rawling Sandlot series are dark brown and black, giving the glove a unique vintage look. In addition, the product is made from full-grain, oiled leather, thus being able to maintain durability.

The palm is well-padded and works as a protector against bruises due to its shock dampening property. Last but not least, all products from this series have an affordable price tag, despite their resounding success to incorporate such amazing features. No surprise it has managed to seize the top position for manifold weeks in a row.

The major drawback of the mitt is that although it is advertised to be already broken in, some users still find it quite stiff out of the box.

Considering this perfect combination of usability and quality, it is a foregone conclusion that the product lives up to its reputation to be one of the best youth baseball gloves of this year.


  • Appealing vintage style
  • Durable
  • Protect the hands well
  • Affordable


  • Not as soft as advertised

Wilson A2K

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Not to be outdone by its competitors, Wilson A2K gloves make their entrance to our list of the best youth baseball gloves. You do not need a connoisseur or specialist to tell you about how they work, as they come from the Wilson family-an expert producer of fielding gloves.

Hardly any other series can be so generous as this A2K series when it comes to providing buyers with a diversity of styles and colors. Every glove is a product of matchless craftsmanship, which requires three more times shaping and pounding.

The gloves have two main components: pro stock leather and SuperSkin. The hides used to make the gloves are triple-sorted, and only 5% of those are singled out to constitute the leather. SuperSkin materials make the glove twice lighter than other products while boosting the strength by twofold as well. The stability of the pocket is maximized by means of a piece of leather sandwiched between the palm and the outer shell.

Of course, this top-rated glove possesses some imperfections, notably its prohibitive price and the time needed for it to break in.

Despite this, we cannot deny that hardly any other product in the world of tee ball gloves can surpass its quality.


  • A variety of styles and colors
  • Carefully manufactured
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Optimum stability


  • High price
  • Take time to break-in

Wilson A2000

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Here comes another outstanding glove from Wilson, this time the A2000 series. Wilson A2000 caters for players of distinct positions, ranging from the fielder to first base. Its appearance is often made up of two or three colors, flaunting an appealing and stylish look.

Gloves for different players do not have the same functions. For this reason, the following review will provide information on the infield model illustrated in the picture below.

The Pro Stock leather is the main material and has won high praise for bringing an incomparable feel. The product is equipped with H-web, thus providing a robust yet flexible glove experience. This type of webbing also allows players to see through their gloves, which lends great support to their performances. Its base uses double lacing, and this helps keep the construction in place so that kids need not bother to retie the laces.

What is more, the glove employs a newly developed feature in 2019, flat finger binding, which adds further comfort to players’ hands. Realizing that their fingers risk being hurt by the binding of the wrist piping, Wilson manufacturers took the initiative to integrate this fascinating technique.

The glove also makes use of Dual Welting, which includes two strips of leather put alongside each finger to enhance durability as well as maintain its shape.

Still, despite all these upsides, the process for the glove to break-in is quite long. Therefore, you should not rush into buying this glove in case your match is within a few days to come. Also, the price is not very affordable, so not accessible to everyone.

Given these minuses, we still hold firm to our belief that this product is worth the money, and definitely a decent glove for a Little League player.

Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Baseball Gloves

How to break in a baseball glove?

Properly break in your glove in advance ensures that it will become fit for purpose and not hinder your hand movements. If you do not want your game to be spoiled by this mere oversight, make sure you adopt the following methods.

  • Using a glove steamer

This is a relatively new method, but its effectiveness has been proved. This steam treatment takes about 15 minutes, and the heat makes the leather loosen up. You can find a satisfactory steamer in an athletic goods store.

A great alternative for the above method is conditioners or glove oils. Apply a sufficient amount of conditioner or oil on the glove surface, and let it uniformly distribute.

  • Practice, practice, practice

Playing catch is by far the most useful way for a glove to the break-in, as it can adjust to your hands’ shape and size. The more you put the glove in use, the more quickly it will form to your hand. Also, the leather will begin to loosen with each catch, and hands-on training absolutely gets the better of any other treatment.

break baseball gloves

How to clean a baseball glove?

Gloves are often made of sturdy organic leather, but it does not mean that there is no need for proper care. Cleaning your baseball gloves regularly helps lengthen its lifetime, and here is some essential know-how for cleaning and maintaining your glove.

Clean the glove

  • Polish

After each time you use your glove, wipe away visible stains and dirt on the surface with a hand brush or a piece of cloth. Make sure you do not miss a single space and check the palm and the top side as well.

  • Remove the laces

If possible, unravel the laces so that you can get rid of the remaining grit or dirt that is concealed by the laces. However, some glove laces cannot be removed due to their construction, in which case you can skip this and go on to the next step.

  • Apply a cleaning agent

Make sure you use cleaning agents for leather in particular and clean the glove gently after applying the cleanser.

clean a baseball glove

Condition the glove

To help you with this, use a glove conditioner, which serves as both a cleaner and a softener.

First up, dab a clean piece of cloth into the conditioner several times, and wipe it so that the conditioner is evenly distributed across the glove surface.

Apply the conditioner to the web and the inside of the glove as well using circular motions. 24 hours is the standard time to wait for the conditioner to be absorbed, but it may vary as regards different products. For more information, you can contact the Customer Service of the store from which you bought the glove.

A small note is that you had better not use too much conditioner because it may be counterproductive by attracting more dirt and debris.

Store the glove

  • Wipe the glove gently

Use soap and water to give your glove a soft polish, and avoid using detergent or dishwashing liquid. Also, bear in mind that the cloth must be wrung out so that the glove does not absorb too much water. After that, allow it to dry on its own.

  • Store the glove in a cool and dry place

Put your glove in places with moderate temperatures in combination with low humidity and good air ventilation. NEVER leave it in hot places or under direct sunlight, or else it will become stiff and unusable.

  • Maintain its shape

Don’t put heavy sports equipment on the glove, because it will be flat and hardly able to revert to its prior shape.

Instead, put a baseball in the webbing and use elastic bands to wrap around the glove. Last of all, tie the laces, and your glove will always look pristine if you follow our guidelines.

Bottom Line

Above are our reviews of the top-rated youth baseball gloves as well as a step-by-step guide to clean and store them. On finishing reading our pieces of advice, we are sure that you are equipped with practical knowledge of baseball mitts. Make for a sports equipment store and get one for your kid right now!

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