The Best Youth Baseball Cleats For Your Kids In The Ultimate Game

Baseball remains one of the favorite pastimes in America, regardless of age. It is usual for children and teenagers to participate in this competitive game. To meet the demands of these players, many brands start to develop cleats for young ages. Now, let’s discover 8 best youth baseball cleats 2020 for your kids!

Our Recommendation Of 8 Best Youth Baseball Cleats

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Adidas Kids' Freak X Carbon4.8/5Check Price
Adidas Kids' Icon 44.7/5Check Price
Mizuno (MIZD9)4.7/5Check Price
Under Armour Kids' Harper 44.6/5Check Price
Nike Boy's
Huarache 2KFilth Keystone
4.6/5Check Price
New Balance Kids' 4040v54.6/5Check Price
Under Armour Kids'
Leadoff Low Rm
4.5/5Check Price
Guardian Blaze4.4/5Check Price


Adidas Kids’ Freak X Carbon: Most Affordable

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Manufactured by Adidas, these mid-top baseball cleats are for both toddlers (1 – 4 years old) and little kids (4 – 8 years old). At a reasonable price, which is under $20, the product comes in 8 different stylish colors.

These cleats are highly recommended for their breathability, a critical factor of kids’ shoes. While they are incredibly lightweight, their durability is excellent as well. Therefore, your child can wear them for a long duration of time.

Adidas uses the molded rubber to craft the outsole, facilitating smooth traction. Besides, the shoes are equipped with the EVA midsole, giving your children’s feet the extreme comfort. Therefore, your little kid can fully experience the baseball game thanks to a wide variety of these cleats’ features.

By far, Adidas Q16006 is a highly recommended budget-friendly youth baseball cleat choice. Another outstanding advantage is that the shoes’ sizes are designed to fit the kids’ feet size perfectly, providing the best convenience while playing.


  • Fit as expected
  • Very affordable
  • Breathable and durable
  • EVA midsole offers great comfort
  • Molded rubber outsole facilitates an adequate grip


  • The colors are easy to fade
  • Run small sizes

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Adidas Icon 4: Impeccable traction

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Adidas Icon 4 features a molded rubber outsole, which facilitates traction in nearly all surfaces. Whether your kids play in the hitting or fielding position, this pair of cleat does a great job in helping them to ace the game!

The cleats can accompany your kid season-by-season thanks to their high durability. Designed with long-lasting nubuck upper, they also provide ultimate comfort. The great quality at such a reasonable price makes this product one of the best youth baseball cleat selections.

As equipped with a perforated vamp, the cleats enable the best breathability for the wearers. Therefore, your child can spend hours on game experience without worrying about overheated feet.

Furthermore, the shoes offer various size feet. Both little kids and big kids from 4 – 12 years old can fit in these cleats. If you are finding baseball cleats for your wide-feet kids, then this model is one of the highly recommended options.


  • Extensive options for feet sizes
  • Stylish designs
  • Durable construction
  • Available for both small kids and big kids
  • Rubber molded cleats offer impeccable traction
  • Extreme comfort and breathability


  • Run small

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Mizuno (MIZD9): Versatile Product

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Mizuno is a world-leading brand in manufacturing baseball goods. No wonder why their baseball cleats are among the top-rated options. The multi-functional 9-spike advanced model is no exception.

Featuring a full-length midsole, these molded cleats give users maximum comfort when playing. They also effectively minimize cleat pressure, protecting the kids’ feet during the game.

This pair of cleats is well known for its versatility. The rubber studs set on the bottom are durable, ensuring safety for the young players. They also allow wearers to achieve their wanted amount of traction. In case some baseball leagues do not approve the use of metal spikes, you can still choose these cleats.

What’s more, these high-end rubber molded cleats help control traction on any challenging surfaces, like the infield clay or the artificial turf fields. As one of the best youth baseball cleats for catchers, this type of cleats help players perform well in various positions: on the pitcher’s mound, in the field, or the batter’s box.


  • Versatile product
  • Various shoe sizes
  • High durability
  • Stylish design
  • Excellent grip
  • Maximum comfort
  • Avoid cleat pressure


  • Only available in black/white options

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Under Armour Kids’ Harper 4: Secured Fit

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Among many choices for speed, Under Armour 3022062 is an exceptional name.

With a lightweight synthetic upper design, the cleats even have an exceptional quality of abrasion. Besides, players can change to their desired fit thanks to the lace-up ankle strap. That’s why you will not have to worry about any shoe slippage during the play.

While playing on the field, these boosts support unmatchable traction with a full-length EVA midsole. For a better grip on any surface, the cleats are rubber molded. Thanks to them, players can perform their motions smoothly, like taking turns, running, and walking.


  • Lace-up design covers the ankle
  • Secured and stable fit
  • Smooth movements
  • High durability, unmatchable traction
  • Available for little kids and big kids


  • Narrow size for wide feet

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Nike Huarache 2KFilth: Most Stylish

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Nike is a popular name in the shoemaking industry with high-quality goods for adults and kids. Among the best baseball cleats for youth, Nike Huarache 2KFilth is the most stylish model. It comes in 6 unique designs. The shoes’ upper part matches in color with the cleats, giving them a fashionable look. If your kid loves attractive-looking cleats, this model will surely satisfy him/her.

One outstanding selling point of this model is its breathability. With a mesh tongue and collar, the cleats impress the wearers by its effective aeration. Thus, young players’ feet are prevented from becoming overheated and sweating.

These cleats also have the flex grooves on the outsole. Not to mention the overall unmatchable stability, this feature excellently does its job in enhancing the product’s durability.

So to say, if you aim for a super comfortable, durable, and stylish pair of cleats, then go for the Nike Huarache 2KFilth model!


  • Stylish design
  • High breathability and stability
  • Lightweight
  • Long durability
  • Optimal traction
  • Lace-up closure offers a precise fit


  • Narrow for kids with wide feet

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New Balance 4040v5: Most Durable

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New Balance 4040v5 is one of the high-performing shoes for youth. It offers many high-end advantages: breathability, durability, and comfort.

These baseball cleats feature the mesh construction, which provides superior comfort and extreme breathability. Aside from that, users can perform every smooth movement thanks to its lightweight construction.

What sets this model apart from other cleats on the market is its various feet sizes. As your child’s feet size grows fastly, the present cleats may not fit them anymore, making feet hurt while playing. Therefore, the wide size option of this model is really impressive with every size from 1-7 (including half sizes).


  • Available in many wide feet options
  • Highly recommended for kids with wide feet
  • Extreme comfort and breathability
  • Long-lasting structure
  • Lightweight construction


  • Lack of ankle support

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Under Armour 3022072: Lightweight Construction

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Since its introduction, Under Armour 3022072 has received a large number of praises. Besides their attractive designs, this product offers many excellent features for aspiring young players.

The rubber molded bottom offers rotational traction and decent grip on all playing surfaces. Whether practicing or playing the real game, the UA Leadoff Low RM model surely helps your kids with an impressive baseball performance.

The shock absorption ability of these boosts is another strong point. The ArmourBound midsole covers ¾ of the cleats’ full length. While minimizing the shock, it also protects the users’ feet from the cleat pressure.

This product design features the nubuck upper, along with the engineered leather. While giving optimal comfort for kids, it is also a long-lasting pair of cleats. You can rest assured that it will be your children’s companion in a long period of time.


  • Effective shock absorption
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Durable construction
  • Rubber molded cleats offer excellent traction


  • Narrow fit, not a good choice for players with wide feet.

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Guardian Blaze Baseball Cleats: Our choice

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Guardian Blaze Boy’s Youth is one of the latest released baseball cleats. It is also our top choice of best cleats for youth due to the top quality at a friendly-budget price.

The first advantage is the cleats’ durability and versatility. While the upper part is made of synthetic, the sole is rubber molded. Not only can this product be in a long period of time, but it also delivers awesome on-field performances.

Another plus for this model is its lightweight construction. The EVA midsole, along with the cushioned insoles, provides superior comfort during performance play.

While having a fit lace-up design, the cleats also feature air ventilation along the sides and in the toe box. Your young leaguer, therefore, can enjoy the best breathability while playing his/her baseball game.

Another notable point of this model is the unique patented V-cleat configuration. Aside from offering the optimal traction and acceleration, this feature supports the deeper dig when players are on the base path.


  • High-end durability
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Lace-up design for a secured fit
  • Breathable
  • Configured V-cleat


  • Available in only 1 color

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Common Questions About Youth Baseball Cleats

Why Does High-Quality Baseball Cleats Matter To Kids?

Cleats are a critical part of building up better safety and performance for the young players. A quality pair of cleats is worth spending for every type of activity, whether it is professional or recreational. Cleats are not merely a piece of equipment, but they are also an important safety feature.

In baseball, proper cleats help protect children from common injuries such as sprains and ankle rolls. Besides, tightly laced shoes provide extra support and steer clear of injuries.

Comfort and flexibility are two main factors affecting a player’s performance in baseball. As this game requires a lot of movements, the proper kind of shoes does wonders for swiftness and responsiveness. Therefore, kids will have more fun experiencing this fascinating pastime!

If your child develops a passion for joining a league, a high-quality pair of cleats will be his/her helpful companion. Seeing the kid’s confidence, efforts, and achievements surely makes every parent proud, isn’t it?

What Should Consider When Selecting Youth Baseball Cleats


Budget is a common factor that parents especially consider. Most of the high-quality baseball youth cleats are expensive. However, you can still find many awesome cleats below $40.

Another reason for price concern is your children’s growing feet size. We all know that kids these days grow up really fast. Therefore, most shoes only last in one season. To save up, you can purchase shoes having a bit larger toe room. In that case, your kids can use their baseball cleats in a more extended period.

Cleat styles

Baseball cleat styles are divided into three main groups, based on their materials. They are metal cleats, molded plastic cleats, and turf/trainer shoes.

Metal cleats offer the most impressive traction. They can easily dig into the grass or the dirt infields. In addition, their effective grip allows the players to take off or slow down smoothly. Furthermore, baseball batters can take great advantage of these shoes by working a toe-hold in the batter’s box. It helps them to hit the ball successfully without falling.

Characterized by plastic and rubber, molded plastic cleats have a durable design that can be worn on any surface. Compared to metal cleats, they have lower prices and higher durability. The grip is also different, best for playing on the soft and muddy fields.

Turf shoes, or trainer shoes, are mostly used for practicing and training. Instead of cleats, you should choose turf when not playing on the field. Especially on the artificial turf surfaces, turfs provide adequate required grip. They also provide better comfort and do not damage the training facilities.

Ankle support

In general, there are three types: low tops, mid-tops, and high tops. Each of them has a different advantage for ankle supports, depending on the players’ needs.

  • Low tops surpass in speed. This type of cleats is lightweight, facilitating quick sideways movements. Moreover, players can sprint as fast as possible, thanks to its minimalist design.
  • High tops have the advantages of support by covering the ankle, especially for swift lateral movements. They also help players avoid sprained ankles. Despite the stability, you need to keep in mind that they are heavier than the other types. Therefore, players may find it inconvenient while moving during the game.
  • Mid tops are the perfect combination of these two types above. It enables easy and fast movements while giving adequate ankle buildup.

Where Did Cleats Come From?

The history of cleats dates back to the Roman Empire. The army was witnessed to wear studded sandals that looked like cleats. Until the 15th century, the early version of sports cleats was worn by King Henry VIII.

In the mid-1840s, Paul Butler invented the first baseball cleats. It was a pair of soft leather shoes made of metal. Though it had great flexibility, many people complained about its discomfort. In the 1960s, AstroTurf arose and brought a big change to baseball cleats. Throughout history, baseball cleats have been constantly innovated. Today, a variety of cleats for players of ages and levels are accessible on the market.


So far, we have covered up the top 8 best youth baseball cleats that you should purchase for your kids. Choosing a proper pair of cleats is essential, that’s why, as parents, you should consider which product meets your children’s needs. We do hope you can have the best selection!

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