What Is ERA in Baseball?

What Is ERA in Baseball

ERA is one of the terms used to evaluate pitchers’ performance. It’s the number of Earned Runs Allowed (or given up) by a pitcher, per nine innings of work. In …

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How to Read a Baseball Scoreboard?

How to Read a Baseball Scoreboard

For beginners, it’s quite frustrating to understand a baseball scoreboard. This article will tell you a few basic points to help you understand it better and know how to read …

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What to Wear to Baseball Practice?

What to Wear to Baseball Practice

While it’s not worth surveying the entire wardrobe, these basics what to wear to baseball practice will put you in a good starting place: Baseball pants, cleats (rubber or leather), …

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What Does PO Mean in Baseball?

What Does PO Mean in Baseball

There are many terms in baseball that can be confusing to beginners. One of them is PO. PO stands for Put Out in baseball, which is a defensive statistic. It’s …

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