Marucci Cat 8 Review – It’s An Outstanding Baseball Bat

Our Marucci Cat 8 review will provide you with the most basic information about an excellent baseball bat. If playing baseball is your passion, you must have heard of Marucci baseball bat, especially the Marucci Cat series.

Marucci was established in 2002, compared to other baseball bat brands like Rawling and Easton, it is quite a new brand to the public. However, the prominent quality of every product is the affirmation that Marucci takes its business seriously. The reason is that its products are manufactured with a suggestion from customers’ feedback and professional athletes’ advice. With the Marucci Cat 8, once again, Marucci gains massive praise from baseball enthusiasts. Scroll down now to get the reason why.

2020 Marucci Cat 8

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How is it manufactured?

There are two common combinations used to making materials of a baseball bat, and they are alloy and composite. And, this Cat 8 is an aluminum alloy bat. Marucci takes advantage of the AZ107 alloy to produce their Cat 8 because it is regarded as the most sturdy aluminum alloy. Besides, this alloy delivers customers with a thinner barrel wall, so it can be forgiving if you handle an off-center contact with this bat.

Many alloy bats are quite heavy and short, although they allow you to swing faster. On the contrary, The Marucci Cat 8 has protracted sweet spots that are usually found on composite bats. What’s more, when you see the barrel, you can hardly find any dead spots.

Thanks to the ring-free multivariable wall design, all the bats in the Cat 8 series can possess these remarkable features above. This great design is scarcely applied for baseball bats, particularly for models at this mid-professional range.


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Marucci introduces to customers 2 bats in the Cat 8 series. In fact, they are all the same, and the difference is the variation of color: black and white.

There are two types of construction for a baseball bat: two-piece and one-piece. There are many thorough and complicated debates about the pros and cons of these formations. However, we would like to make a summarization that a one-piece designed bat holds on to the power of your hit. On the other hand, a two-piece bat will level the speed and power of your swing.

Marucci 2020 Cat 8

About the Marucci Cat 8, both of the models are made in the one-piece alloy. Unlike other one-piece bats, the Cat 8 is moderately light so that you can swing faster but still retain the power and smoothness.

Apart from the controversy in the construction, people in the baseball community are usually divided into two groups: one is prone to the balanced bats, and the other prefers end-load bats.

These models are both balanced bats. It means that the weight of the bat is equally distributed in every part. While an end-loaded bat will keep most of its weight on the top. At first glance, you can’t see the dissimilarity. Yet, when you swing the bat, you will understand why people argue intensely about these two ways of distributing weight.

For your complete understanding, we will give you a simple explanation for the difference between the balanced and end-loaded bats by referring to a physical rule called Moment Of Inertia. You can simply comprehend that the weight of the bat will always come with your swing. Therefore, an end-loaded bat with larger MOI creates stronger hits, whereas a balanced bat with smaller MOI will deliver faster swings and better bat control.

As mentioned above, this model has a multivariable wall design, so what does this mean? Multivariable wall design is used to make a bat without any dead spot. In fact, there are some dead spots after a long time of use, but they are not too significant, the Marucci can still function well.

What’s more, the Cat 8 bat is equipped with 2nd generation AV2 anti-vibration knob. This feature will help you to handle the bat with ease and reduce as much vibration as possible.

Marucci Cat 8

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The handling of this bad is so extraordinary that you can hit the ball more precisely with the bat balance.

Because of being made in balanced aluminum alloy design, this Marucci model is light for you to carry out swings at high speed but still keep the accuracy.

Thanks to the extended sweet pots, you can find hitting a ball with this bad really enjoyable. Moreover, the sound of this bat will satisfy you. It not too loud like other bats, the ping sound is deep and soft.


During a one-year time, if any factory errors happen to your bat, you can send this bat to the official agents of Marucci where you buy it and ask for free alternatives.

Is The Marucci 2020 Cat 8 suitable for you?

If you are a player who focuses on the speed and balance of a bat, the Marucci Cat 8 is just right for you. Furthermore, this bat is from a well-known brand in the baseball-equipment-making industry, so there is no doubt about its durability and quality.

The one-piece aluminum alloy construction not only makes the bat lighter, but it still keeps the power and speed of your swings. Moreover, the multivariable wall design will avoid almost every dead spot on your Marucci Cat 8.

What’s more, this model is truly a high-end baseball bat, and it can suit beginners and professional players. However, it not a budget choice for anyone who is not willing to pay quite much money for a baseball bat. Also, this product is not impressive in terms of artistic graphics printed on the bat.

Bottom Lines

We hope that our review can meet your demand, and you will come up with an optimal decision to buy a baseball bat. If you find this Marucci Cat 8 review useful, keep following our website for more exciting posts about baseball.