How Sunglasses Can Help You Play Better Baseball?

People wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. With baseball players, sunglasses can help them play better. In this article, we will find out the uses of sunglasses in baseball. Besides, there are also some recommended lens colors for baseball players.

How Sunglasses Can Help You Play Better Baseball

Baseball players usually wear sunglasses during playing because of the following benefits

  • Sunglasses block the sun rays
  • Sunglasses protect the eyes from elements
  • Sunglasses give you a stylish look and promote your playing spirit

Let’s check the details:

Sunglasses block the sun rays

A baseball player needs to have a clear vision. On sunny days, the glare from the sun can make players dazzled. This will affect the playing ability and the game outcome. Wearing sunglasses will be an ideal solution for this problem. Sunglasses will block the sun’s rays and help players see the ball.

Moreover, sunglasses also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. These rays still exist on even cloudy days and they can damage the eyes.

Sunglasses block the sun rays

Sunglasses protect the eyes from elements

Sun rays are not the only cause of bad vision. When playing on windy days, the wind and dust can also irritate your eyes. Especially, if you get sand in your eyes, it will be very dangerous. The sand can cause serious and permanent damages to your eyes. Thus, a pair of sunglasses is necessary for these situations.

Sunglasses give you a stylish look and promote your playing spirit

This sounds funny, but confidence is very important for a great baseball game. Wearing sunglasses can help you look cool. Being confident with your appearance, you can have a better spirit to play.


Why do baseball players wear sunglasses?

In a baseball game, many elements can affect the eyes of players. A clear vision decides the ability of the player, so eye protection is necessary. Wearing sunglasses can shield baseball players from the sunray. Players will see the ball more easily when playing on a sunny day.

Moreover, baseball players wear sunglasses to prevent dust or sand from flying into their eyes. Grains of sand can cause severe eye damages.

If the baseball game takes place on a snowy day, sunglasses will protect the eyes from sunlight reflecting off the snow. You may not know, but this light can make you blind.

Can catchers wear glasses?

Yes, catchers can wear glasses. The main task of catchers is to catch the pitches from pitchers. Therefore, they need good vision to see the ball. If the catchers are near-sighted, prescription glasses are indispensable.

The catcher usually wears protective gear. Thus, a gear equipped with protection glass is also an ideal choice. In case of having near-sighted eyes, you can also wear contact lenses. If you choose to wear glasses, make sure that the glasses are high-quality ones.

Why do pitchers wear clear glasses?

You will rarely see pitchers wearing dark glasses. In baseball, the pitcher’s eyes need to be visible with the umpire and the batter. So pitchers usually wear clear glasses instead of dark or mirror sunglasses.

Pitchers usually wear clear glasses

Pitchers usually wear clear glasses

Like other players, pitchers often wear clear glasses to protect their eyes. Glasses will prevent dust or other elements from harming their eyes.

But sometimes, pitchers want to wear sunglasses to shield the sunlight. They will choose sunglasses with the lens color of rose, copper, or light brown. The lenses must be clear and not mirrored.

Lens color for baseball?

Lens Color

Sunglasses are useful for baseball players. But what are recommended lens colors for baseball? You can consult the list below.

Rose lens

For playing in daylight, rose or rose copper lenses are the best choice. These lens colors help you block the sun rays, as well as provide you a clear vision. With rose lenses, you can see better when looking for the ball in the sky or on green grasses.

Brown lens

On a bright sunny day, the rose color may not be enough to filter out the light. Brown lenses are more suitable.

Grey lens

A grey lens can’t enhance your performance in playing, but it is good for blocking sun glare. So, if the sun is too blazing, you can try grey sunglasses.

Clear and amber lens

These lens colors are suitable for baseball games at night time or cloudy days. They are also recommended lenses for pitchers.

Final Words

We hope that through this article, you have known the benefits of sunglasses with baseball. Besides, you can consult the lens colors that we suggested to choose the right sunglasses. Hope you have good games and protect your eyes well!

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