How Many Balls Are Used in a Baseball Game and Related Questions?

This summer is surely an ideal time to indulge in some baseball matches with your friends! However, there are still a lot of things to catch on before picking up your bats. One of the most crucial things that you can never overlook is how many balls are used in a baseball game.

In this article, we will help you answer that question so that you can have the best preparation for the upcoming match. Sounds great, right? So, hold the mouse and scroll down to see now!

How Many Balls Are Used in a Baseball Game?

The wait is over! It’s about time to have your curiosity satisfied. We will now lift the curtain and shed light on the question: “How many balls are used in a baseball game?”

For a 9-inning match that is played in nice weather, you will need to use at least 110 – 120 balls.

Think this is already a huge number? You could not be more wrong! These balls are for one single-player only. In other words, if a match is started with 2 or more, the number of balls used will be the “120” multiplied with the total number of players. After 9 innings, if you still fail to find the winner, you will have to make some extra innings, which will require more balls.

Typically, a major league baseball has a total of 30 teams and 2430 games for every season. This league does not include the Playoff games and World Series matches. Two teams will use about 220 – 240 balls in a single match. To sum up, the number of baseballs needed for a league can reach more than 580 thousand balls! Quite a shocking number, huh?


Baseballs used in Major League

Are Baseballs Cheap or Expensive?

Preparing that many baseballs are totally not an easy case. At this point, you probably wonder if the baseballs are expensive or not. Alright, we will give you a knowledge boost right in this section! Don’t stop scrolling down!

If you buy a single ball from the sports stores, you may have to pay $15.00 or even more. Because the manufacturer has to do a lot of processes and quality controls to produce an item, this price has to be expensive.

However, to save money for organizing a grand event like that baseball major league, the organizers often purchase baseball in bulk. By doing so, they will not have to be concerned about their budget being completely drained just to meet the balls’ requirement of the big game.

You want us to be a little bit more specific? Well then, the price of each baseball used for the tournament is about $9.50 or more. In estimation, each match will take around $1000, give or take, just so that the players have enough balls.

How come such a tiny ball barely the size of your fist can be that costly? The reason is, baseballs can be made from different materials such as wool yarn, cork, rubber, or cowhide leather. To summarize, the price for producing a ball is at least $7.00.

See what I am getting at? Individually, balls for baseball are expensive. So,  you can save a lot of money when buying a large number of items. Due to this reason, we advise you to plan carefully before starting to go to the store.

But will this not put the event holder in the red? No, because they have referred to a rather clever approach to pull the money back. You remember the pricey tickets and all the snacks and souvenirs you find in the game? That is how they make up for the massive ball expense.

Why Do You Need So Many Baseballs?

Why Do You Need So Many Baseballs

After knowing how many balls are used in a baseball game, surely you would like to find out why you need so many balls in just one go, right? Keep reading and you will be amazed by our answer.

For every match, each team will throw normally about 150 pitches. Of course, these pitches can even be higher in the next few years.

Don’t be surprised. Pitch number has always been on the rise ever since baseball came into being, actually. In 1988, the average pitch record of every team was 135 balls for each game. Until the year 2008, the record increased to 145 pitched balls per game. The number of pitches reaches 147,9 in 2009 and still gets higher quickly.

Nowadays, baseball players have more skills and experience to hit the ball with higher accuracy. Therefore, the game often lasts longer than only 9 innings, and chances are that the pitches will continue rising.

Related Questions

When preparing for a game, besides how many balls are used in a baseball game, you probably have some other questions, don’t you? Here, we have lined up some common baseball-related matters and solved them for you. Check them all out!

When is a ball replaced?

In a 9-inning match, a baseball will be used for playing no more than 6 pitches. In the special situation, each time the batter makes a failed hit, the ball will be then replaced immediately. On the other hand, if the ball gets dirty, it will also be changed.

Can you use the removed balls?

Although these removed balls are considered inappropriate for future matches, given that they are no longer of their best quality, you can still use them for practicing.

In fact, the removed balls of the professional teams (in the league) are usually given to the non-advanced teams on the training field.

How to distinguish the removed and new balls

How to distinguish the removed and new balls?

Typically, the baseballs that are removed from the game are usually marked with the “Discarded” label, or perhaps just a simple “X” sign. Due to this reason, you can see the difference between the old and new balls

In professional leagues, the discarded baseball can even be signed by famous players to sell as a souvenir for the fans. Undoubtedly, they will be charged at a high price. Thus, selling these balls is also a common way to recoup money from tournament preparation.


Now you have known how many balls are used in a baseball game. To the best of our knowledge, the more balls you buy, the cheaper you pay. Therefore, make sure that you think carefully before deciding to buy the balls.

If you still have questions about baseball, do not be afraid to get in touch with us. We will reply to you in the fastest time.

And lastly, we want to say many thanks to you for reading our post.

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