Easton Project 3 Alpha Review

Whoever has seen or played a baseball match knows that the baseball bat is needed equipment of this sport game. Among a wide range of bat choices in the market, Easton Project 3 Alpha Review is the most-searched keyword.

Why? Because this product line offers suitable baseball bats for all ages and levels, from the Easton Project 3 Alpha BBCOR Bat for Collegiate and High School Leagues to a little more weight with Easton Project 3 Alpha XL. To let you have a closer look at it, let’s find out what are the impressive things about this product.

Easton Project 3 Alpha

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Manufacturer Brand – Easton

Mentioned as a King in the baseball equipment world, Easton is not an unfamiliar brand to baseball lovers. Thanks to the design innovation in their products, many groundbreaking models have been released in the past nearly four decades.

Being one of the dominating brands on the baseball market, Easton always meets the expectations of its fans by combining professional techniques with the best materials. Therein, it would be a big mistake not to mention project 3 alpha, which is highly appreciated and considered as their best to date.

Why is this bat so popular? The Easton Project 3 Alpha BBCOR Bat provides a smooth and almost effortless swing with its well-balanced ability. It feels great, it looks great, and the most important thing is it hits excellent. Trust us! You will see how worthy it is when holding this bat in hands.


Single-Piece Construction

Easton Project 3 Alpha BBCOR Bat has a one-piece construction. The one-piece bat is created from a compact block of aluminum, making this bat not only tough but very strong. When you make contact with the one-piece bat, it is almost no power loss, so 100% of the energy transfers to the ball, thus resulting in robust hits.

Conversely, the two-piece bat provides a more flexible contact with balls thanks to the two-section construction in which the handle and barrel are bonded together. This design provides more flexibility, leading to a superb boost in your swing speed.

There is not a black and white answer of which is the best construction for you. It depends on your hitting styles and interests. But in fact, the two-piece design ends up with some power lost in swings. That is why for a reliable power hitter, the one-piece bat can maximize their hitting potential for a sweet home run.

ATAC Barrel

Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction (ATAC) is an innovative technology providing the most powerful and durable aluminum barrel on the market today. This construction makes sure that the barrel is sustainable over time and offers steady power with a thinner-wall barrel going beyond what you expect.

If you are finding a long-lasting and powerful bat, take the one equipped with ATAC Barrel. Try making a hit of Easton Project 3 Alpha! Your opponents will be blown away by your skill immediately!.

Custom Lizard Skins DSP

Our review combines all the necessary functions of a good baseball bat. Therein, a touch sensor is also essential. Your hands may be able to use its full potential for a hit thanks to the Custom Lizard Skins DSP fitted in this bat.

Lizard Skins is Easton’s exclusive grips offering the ultimate cushion, task, and feel that you cannot find in other baseball bat brands. In that experience, you will get the optimal comfort and performance for every stunning shot.

Balanced Swing Weight

We all know that a more powerful hit comes from a faster wing. The balanced bat takes advantage since their whole weight spreads evenly over the entire length that allows baseball players to get more rapid swings without losing any control. Therefore, the contact hitters prefer a balanced bat to others.

Wanna have the highest precision with a swift swing? Pick out a balanced Easton project 3 bats and see how effective it is.

But it should be noted that when the bat goes into hitting mode in a split second, faster swings occur with less strike-out strength. So if you are a powerful hitter, the end-load bat might bring some noticeable benefits. Let’s see how in the version below.

More Power With XL Version

In general, the contact hitters are keen on possessing the balanced bat because it is easy to control during the swing path. But for power hitters, they much prefer a definite hit with extra distance in contact, which is provided by an end-loaded bat.

For all types of players, the brand has manufactured Easton Project 3 Alpha XL to create a more powerful hit. This variant focuses on allocating the weight to the hitting zone end of the barrel that increases the power to the ball on contact. So the concentrated mass will make the ball go further with similar swing speed.

Easton Project 3 -XL


Will some control be lost? Sure, but the XL version is a perfect choice if you are finding an effective way to maximize the mass on the hitting area. The chance for you to choose this variant is not expensive either. It just costs around 30$ when compared to other regular options.

Easton Project 3

After 4-year research, Easton has launched a series of BBCOR bats for all demands of baseball players. Instead of introducing new models with different names like other brands, Easton combines all its prominent features in the Project 3 development. The brand provides six options from single-piece aluminum to two-piece composite construction: ADV, Fuze, Alpha, Alpha Lock & Load, Alpha XL, and Hybrid 13.

Every model bears its benefits that are suitable for each hitting style. Therefore, Project 3 alpha BBCOR is the most typical model and owned by many fans thanks to its ease of use, reasonable price, and advanced functions.

Personal Experience

There is no doubt that I’ve fallen in love with this “dude”!. My Easton bat is still looked so new even after extensive daily use. If you see it know, you will probably think that I have just removed it from the case. It seems to show no signs of being worn out by the time.

Besides, the one-piece construction that keeps all of my power on each swing urges me to perform my most powerful hit ever!. Even my friends trying out this bat have to admit that it brings a superb feeling on every swing. This bat can turn wooden bat lovers into fans of alloy bats.

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Easton Project 3 -Personal Experience

Honestly, you do not need to be too concerned about the warranty period if your baseball bat is good enough and will not snap on you.

But, though you probably might not need to use a warranty for the entire life of the product, it is still better to look for a baseball bat that has one. It proves that the manufacturers have put complete faith in the robust performance of what they created.

Easton Project 3 Alpha comes with a one-year warranty, showing you that its manufacturer is entirely confident in this baseball bat. So, are you ready to go shopping and pick a new one for your stock?

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right bat is a deciding factor for a successful battle. So that is why we fully understand to show you the correct information for your consideration. All-in-all, we highly appreciate Easton Project 3 Alpha BBCOR Bat for its exceptional performance as well as the ease of use. And for a strong hitter, the XL  Version is an excellent choice to show off your power.

Thanks for sticking around our review. I hope that the information will help you choose the right bat for your baseball match.