Best Youth Baseball Bats to Breath New Life into Your Kids’ Games

With the best youth baseball bats, your kids can have a boost in their confidence and step up their game quickly. But finding them is not exactly a breeze.

If you are in the same boat, have a look at these models to give your kids a head start.

Best Youth Baseball Bats – Quick comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Ghost X Hyperlite
4.8/5Check Price
Rawlings 2019
5150 USA Youth
4.5/5Check Price
Louisville Slugger 2019
Select 719
4.5/5Check Price
Franklin Sports4.5Check Price
USA Youth
4.5Check Price
Rawlings Raptor
USA Youth
4.6/5Check Price
Easton S5004.7/5Check Price
Wilson DeMarini 2016
NVS Vexxum
4.4/5Check Price
EASTON Beast4.6/5Check Price


How to Select the Right Youth Baseball Bat

To bring the best playing experience to your kids, you need to take account of these proprietaries of any youth baseball bat:

  • Length
  • Weight
  • Barrel size


Why is the bat length so important?

When a bat is too long or too short, the player will have a hard time holding it, resulting in only awkward and inaccurate swings. And this is the last thing you want to face when playing baseball.


Like the length, the weight of a bat is also a vital factor.

It has much to do with the bat speed, which is how fast the player can swing the bat in a stance position. A too heavy bat won’t allow your kid to swing it fast enough while losing control more likely to happen when the bat is too light.

Barrel size

Big barrel bats and the smaller counterpart both have their own strong and weak sides.

Your kids can hold and control small barrel bats easier with their small hands, allowing better swings. But on the flip side, this leads to a smaller sweet spot. To find this area generally requires more skills from them.

Meanwhile, big barrel diameters mean your kids have more freedom to hit the ball wide and far while more difficult to control and swing.

Top Pick: Easton Ghost X Hyperlite USA Youth Baseball Bat

Easton Ghost X Hyperlite USA Youth Review

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The first name in our list of the best-rated youth baseball bats comes from the Ghost X series – one of the most popular lineups of Easton.

While most standard baseball bats in this lineup use a two-piece design, the Ghost X Hyperlite, on the other hand, features a single-piece construction. This design choice leads to more responsive swings at high-speed collisions.

Using composite material, the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite is a lightweight model, more suitable for those who want more speed instead of power.

To be more specific, Easton has used EXACT – a proprietary carbon composite – for its construction to achieve better feeling and barrel performance.

Aside from its weight, the Ghost X Hyperlite shows that Easton also has put a lot of thought into the ergonomic design.

The cushioned FLEX grip is fairly comfortable to hold while enabling great balance. The barrel is also responsive and flexible. It can enhance the sound when it makes contact with the ball, whether it is a home run or a line drive.

When put into real plays, the Ghost X Hyperlite bats produce the pop more on the lighter side.

This is not a surprise compared to other Ghost X models when you remember its design choices. There are also some vibrations, but they won’t affect your performance too much.

The biggest reason we list it here as the top pick is its durability. Thanks to the composite barrel, the Ghost X Hyperlite can withstand constant rough plays.

The only major issue is its price, which may put off a lot of buyers looking for a baseball bat for their kids.

Verdict: The Easton Ghost X Hyperlite is an impressive product and one of the best youth baseball bats ever. Just remember that it’s not meant for powerful swings, which you more likely find on heavier models.


  • Composite material for great durability
  • Wide sweet spot
  • Comfort grip


  • Expensive
  • There are some, though limited, vibrations.
  • Not for those who prefer a heavy bat

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Runner-Up: Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Review
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This Rawlings youth baseball bat gets its name from the material used to produce it – the 5150 Alloy.

It is widely used in the aerospace industry, providing a great level of durability and performance. This alloy also decreases the swing weight a lot.

One of the biggest benefits of the one-piece design is the lack of a break-in period, allowing you to use it out of the box immediately. On the other hand, composite bats often require a break-in period before they really come to life.

From real plays, it’s safe to say that the Rawlings 2019 5150 produces good enough line drives. Its momentum and curve don’t stop suddenly in midair. Though the distance may not be as impressive as other models, the ball stills get as far as you expect.

The primary difference between it and the above Easton one is that this Rawlings bat focuses more on creating a balance of power and speed.

But it’s normal if you feel it creates more speed than power in your swing. Thanks to POP 2.0 technology, the Rawlings 2019 5150 has a huge sweet spot. With this and the straight barrel design, the ball will have a thrilling speed.

And like any other one-piece model, you need to expect some vibrations, though not at an alarming level.

Verdict: Being one of the best USA youth baseball bats, the Rawlings 2019 5150 USA can really put up a decent fight with the Easton Ghost X Hyperlite.


  • More balance between power and speed
  • High-quality material
  • Huge sweet spot


  • Still more on the speed side

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Most Proven: Louisville Slugger 2019 Select 719 USA Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger 2019 Select 719 USA Review

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What is the best youth baseball bat that has a strong track record? Well, the Louisville Slugger Select 719 definitely comes to mind.

This bat is the 2019 upgrade of the 2018 version, which has become a hit among youth baseball bats on the market. The new bat comes with some important modifications to improve performance.

Being completely different from the two above products, it has a three-piece hybrid construction. Louisville Slugger has used composite and alloy to make the handle and the barrel, respectively.

There’s a reason many experts have called this an ideal combination. This bold choice puts its durability to the next level while still giving the player complete power to swing and hit the ball with ease.

Another advanced feature stacked into the 2019 Select 719 is the VCX Connection technology.

Its jobs are controlling the vibrations and allowing independent handle and barrel movement. You also won’t feel any discomfort with the way you hold it. The LS Pro Comfort Grip, which has been pre-wrapped around the handle, provides a better mix of tack and cushion.

But like its predecessor, the price may become a great barrier to youth players: Select 719 is not exactly a budget series from Louisville Slugger.

Verdict: Though expensive, the Louisville Slugger Select 719 has been consistently a solid choice for young players.


  • An ideal combination of composite construction
  • Multiple options of weight and size
  • Customizable LS Pro Comfort Grip
  • VCX Connection technology


  • Expensive

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Old Faithful: Franklin Venom 1100 Series – Kids Youth Baseball and Teeball Bats

Franklin Venom 1100 Review

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This youth baseball bat from Franklin Sports has always been a favorite for kids who want to get the hang of baseball first.

It features one-piece aluminum construction, making it lightweight. This design enables your kids to channel their maximum effort to create a great swig momentum. So, as a result, it tends to create more high-speed swings.

This lightweight nature also helps new players, especially those who are new to baseball, to have a chance to experience it. Your kids won’t have much trouble getting into baseball with it.

But the bat gets this job done without compromising the durability too much.

The aluminum alloy used in its body is a sturdy one, bringing increased pop and high performance. The barrel also comes with a great level of flex and enough allowance, allowing them to hit the ball farther and harder than ever.

With a great weight distribution, this bat is an ideal tool for your kids to improve the smoothness and speed of their swings.

But remember, Franklin seems to have a quality control issue in this model. That may be the reason a few customers have complained about how their bats have bent after some time.

Verdict: The Franklin Sports Kids Youth Baseball bat is still one of the best youth baseball bats 2020, a solid choice when you want to introduce your kids into baseball. Its value is even more impressive if you consider its price. But be careful since many bats may not last as long as the others.


  • Ideal tool for your kids to practice baseball
  • Lightweight, easy to use for beginners
  • Reasonable price


  • Some may not last long.

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Budget Blaster: Easton Typhoon USA Youth Baseball Bat

Easton Typhoon USA Youth Review

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This bat comes with a sweet balance, where you can have the premium performance from Easton – one of the most reputable brands on the market – without breaking the bank.

The Typhoon is not a fancy bat. And no, we did not mean it as a complaint.

The Easton name on it is a guarantee that you can still expect an amazing product, starting right from its materials. The ALX100 is a military-grade aluminum alloy, making it extremely durable for the price. This and the single-piece design make it an ultra-lightweight baseball bat.

Your kids, no matter the age, can swing it easily!

On top of that, the FLEX grip brings a comfortable feel that you can only find in top-notch products. It prevents the bat from slipping away from your kids’ hands when they hit the ball. The end cap is concave, reducing the vibrations and keeping the energy of the barrel.

It is a USA-certificated baseball bat. Though an amazing bat for newcomers, it can still deliver consistent performance in any real game of professional leagues.

With the single-piece design, some vibrations are expected. But the cushioned grip handle can absorb some of them, so at the end of the day, it’s not really a big deal.

Verdict: This is a perfect choice when you want to have a simple yet durable and reliable bat to introduce your kids into baseball, especially for those who worry about paying through the nose for the first baseball bat.


  • Great value for the price
  • Simple yet high-quality features from a reputable brand
  • Lightweight for speedy swings
  • An ideal choice for beginners in youth baseball


  • There are still some vibrations, which may reduce the accuracy of the bat.

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Best Skinny Barrel: Rawlings Raptor Youth USA Baseball Bat

Rawlings Raptor Youth USA Review

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When you are in need of a small barrel youth baseball bat with top performance, look no further than the Rawlings Raptor.

Featuring a 2 1/4 inch barrel, the youth version of the Raptor series has a drop of 10. This choice of barrel diameter instead of the standard 2 5/8 inches is the primary reason behind its incredible swing speed.

Of course, also due to the size, you will get a small sweet spot. But this is not really a surprise for those who have already decided to go for a small barrel bat.

Though just a youth version of a pro baseball, it still features aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, making it highly resistant to physical damages.

It is a great help for amateur players – the layout and interface of the bat are not suitable for the senior leagues. As a result, you can expect explosive pops from it. But again, it is understandable for a bat with a smaller barrel diameter.

Verdict: We can confidently say that you’ll have a hard time finding a better small barrel bat for your kids. The ergonomic design and durable construction will give your kids a whale of a time in their baseball matches.


  • Premium material
  • High swing speed


  • Small sweet spot
  • Not impressive pops

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Best Facelift: Easton S500 Youth Baseball Bat

Easton S500 Youth Review

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The Easton S500 is undeniably a legendary lineup of the youth baseball bat market.

And with the new version, it has received a new look for an already impressive product. The slim and flashy design is an attractive point for many young players.

The ultra-thin handle is the feature that has generated the most talks about this youth baseball bat. Even kids with small hands can handle it pretty well with a comfortable and firm grip. This thin handle brings swift and fast swings, putting your kids ahead of their competitors.

And despite the size, the tough material allows it to stand up to any damages.

The aircraft-grade 7050 alloy also means an ultra-lightweight bat – a must for baseball bats for kids. Thanks to this and the well-designed weight distribution, they will have great shots effortlessly.

The main downside is that it’s not a USA-certificated baseball bat. You can only use it in other leagues such as USSSA, Babe Ruth, Dixie, Pony, and AABC.

On top of that, while a narrow barrel allows your kids to hold it easier in their hands, it also means smaller sweet spots and some vibrations.

Verdict: Unless you want to have a USA-certificated model, the Easton S500, with its attractive look and durable material, is a great choice for your kids.


  • Attractive design
  • Ultra-slim handle
  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight


  • Expensive
  • No USA certification
  • Small sweet spot

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Most Overlooked: Wilson DeMarini NVS Vexxum Little League Youth Baseball Bat

Wilson DeMarini NVS Youth Review

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Though DeMarini is often not one of the first baseball bat brands one will mention, it can still make high-quality products. And it has proved this statement another time with the NVS Vexxum Little League Youth model.

It has multiple size options, all with a drop of -12. This low length to weight ratio puts it into the speed-enhancing category.

The DeMarini NVS Vexxum features a two-piece design, connecting the X12 barrel with the C6 – a composite material – handle.

Many youth baseball players actually prefer this composite design approach since they feel more flex when giving swings. But it also makes it less an ideal choice for power hitters.

This choice ultimately boils down to each player’s preference.

DeMarini has engineered the barrel of this youth baseball bat to give it more flex and higher speeds. Its surface also has great responsiveness, paving the way for the trampoline effect to happen.

The NVS Vexxum is lightweight, allowing your kids to have more control over it. On top of the composite design, it features the Big-D End Cap in order to absorb even more vibrations.

But all those awesome features come at a high price. This DeMarini model is not an option you want to consider with a tight budget.

Verdict: Though not having a leading reputation like Louisville Slugger or Easton, this is still an amazing youth baseball bat that you should not write off immediately. Despite the high cost, composite nature provides many incredible benefits for young players.


  • Composite design
  • Lightweight
  • Vibration absorption ability


  • Expensive
  • Not for power hitters

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Most Innovative: Easton Beast USA Youth Baseball Bat

Easton Beast USA Youth Review

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Compared to its predecessor – the Beast Speed – the Easton Beast is fairly heavier. It’s intended for power hitters who want a heavy baseball bat and. This alone puts it in a completely different category from the above models.

This heavy bat requires more strength from the players. That’s why most young kids may not find it an attractive option.

But if you believe your kids are strong enough to handle it, the Easton Beast, in turn, will provide many benefits for them.

The military-grade ALX50 alloy and the single-piece design make it extremely durable. It also comes with a comfortable grip and rolled end cap, improving the swing speed. Thanks to its heavyweight, the Easton Beast also generates more powerful swings.

The main thing making it out of tune with the more popular Beast Speed is the smaller barrel diameter, which is only 2 1/4 inches.

It results in more challenges when a player finds the sweet spot. Your kids need not only power but also the skill to hit the mark.

Verdict: The Easton Beast is our recommendation when you want to look for a baseball bat for your kids to improve their game, setting the stage for more serious leagues.


  • Powerful swings
  • Cheap yet durable
  • Comfortable grip


  • Small sweet spot
  • Only for large kids

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Common Questions About the Best Youth Baseball Bats

Construction of a Baseball Bat

In general, a baseball bat has four important components:

  • Barrel: this is where the bat hits the ball. A longer and bigger barrel will make it easier for your kids to make their swings.
  • Handle: it’s the part that you use to hold the bat. Manufacturers often equip a grip here so the player can control the balance easier.
  • Knob: the end of the handle. It allows the player to hold the bat securely without slipping.
  • End: the end of the barrel, which is either dented, capped, or even just straight. Each of them results in a different balance, power, and speed.

Size charts

Baseball bat size charts are often a useful starting point to pick the right one for your kids.

While the drop depends mostly on the league, you can generalize the bat length and weight using the height and weight of your kids. The table below shows the appropriate bat size for each range, starting from under 60 lbs and 3’5″ to over 180 lbs and 6’1″.

When you are not sure which size to get for your kids, use this table as a guideline to pick the right model.

Remember, a wrong size baseball bat means awful plays and uncomfortable experience, even for skilled players.

Weight/Height3'5"- 3'8"3'9" - 4'4'1"- 4'4"4'5"- 4'-8"4'9"- 5'5'1"- 5'-4"5'5"- 5'-8"5'9"- 6'6'1"- Over'
Under 60 lbs27"28"29"29"
61 - 70 lbs27"28"29"30"30"
71 - 80 lbs28"28"29"30"30"31"
81 - 90 lbs28"29"29"30"30"31"
91 - 100 lbs29"29"30"30"31"31"31"
101 - 110 lbs29"29"30"30"31"31"32"
111 - 120 lbs29"29"30"30"31"31"32"
121 - 130 lbs30"30"30"31"32"32"33"
131 - 140 lbs30"30"30"31"32"32"33"33"
141 - 150 lbs30"30"31"31"32"33"33"33"
151 - 160 lbs30"31"31"31"32"33"33"34"
161 - 170 lbs31"31"32"32"33"33"34"
171 - 180 lbs31"32"32"33"34"34"
Over 180 lbs33"33"34"34"

Types of Baseball Bats

Based on the materials used to them, we have different types of baseball bats.


wood bats

The oldest baseball bats in history were made from wood. But it is not a popular material for young players due to various reasons.

The most obvious reason for putting players with wooden bats in a disadvantaged position is that they tend to be heavier and make it harder for your kids to swing them. On top of that, they absorb much impact of the hit and don’t provide much trampoline effect. Affected by those properties, wood baseball bats make slower hits compared to other materials.

There are a few youth baseball bats made from lighter wood, but they often won’t last long.

But sometimes this nature has become an advantage. For instance, some leagues strive for slower and safer games, which you can find with the best youth wooden baseball bats.


Many metal alloys from different companies are common in youth baseball bats these days. Usually found in the one-piece construction, they make the bats extremely durable.

Alloy bats are probably the safest choice when you want to buy your first baseball bat. They are typically lightweight and have solid barrels, allowing your kids to hit the ball pretty hard.

Though alloy bats are still not the best when it comes to the trampoline effect, they offer better performances than wooden bats. Some high-quality alloys are even on par with composite ones in some aspects.


This is the newest with the most advanced technology bats. Each company uses a different combination to make their products, but often a mix of synthetic and metal materials are used.

Composite baseball bats have the best durability you can find on the entire market. They can go undamaged and unbroken for a long time, withstanding unusual temperatures and rough treatment with ease.

The only small issue with composite bats is that they need a “break-in” – a duration before they hit the optimal performance.

Final words

The right bat can make a night and day difference in confidence and performance for your kids.

With the above buying guide and recommendations of the best youth baseball bats, we hope you have cleared some confusion in your mind. If you still have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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