Best Wiffle Ball Bats For Baseball Season

Each Wiffle Ball Bats brand has its characteristics and versatile use. Unlike in the old days when only the yellow bat existed, you can find all brands of Wiffle bats that are way much better than before.

Then if you are wondering which bats to start with, go with well-known authentic ball bats so that you can find the greatest balance between batting and pitching from the very first time.

Here in this article, we would help you to pick and choose one from the best Wiffle Ball Bats that we have tried out thus far, and find out which one you decide to spend your money on.

Best Wiffle Ball Bats – Quick comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Plastic Bat
4.8/5Check Price

BLITZBALL Starter Pack4.8/5Check Price
Louisville Slugger
Replica Bat
4.7/5Check Price
Wiffle 32' Bat4.7/5Check Price
Franklin Sports
MLB 30" Authentic Plastic Bat
4.6/5Check Price

How To Buy A Good Wiffle Ball Bats As A Novice?

Among thousands of options accessible on the market, you have to consider some particular features to pick out the best. From our point of view, you can choose a suitable bat based on four specific characteristics below:


The brand of the items has a significant impact on the way we choose bats. Well-known brands usually show a commitment to high-quality bats in the long run. You should go for reliable enterprises due to their long term manufacturing process and operation history. This is where you can find the best options available.


Though Wiffle Ball Bats are known as a variation of baseball bats, they differ in size and weight. Some of those types, for example, are shorter and thinner than those original bats, which makes it available for a wide range of ages, particularly for children.

Materials for Wiffle Ball Bats


Another key feature is that most Wiffle Ball Bats are usually made of highly durable plastic that enhances the ability to withstand the force. However, not all of the Wiffle Ball Bats on the market are high in quality because each company adopts different materials and formulas. So it is crucial to measure brand awareness as well as understand the key features of each model.

Also, low-quality plastic can be easily cracked and results in losing the ability of accurate hitting speed. bats made from high-quality polymer are presumed to be flexible in the long run.

Additionally, the best ball bats virtually go with perfect seams. The rough seams can not only affect the vision, but it also hurts ‘the sweet spot’ between barrel and ball.


There would be diverse options of Wiffle Bats sets available on the market, so it is way better to prepare yourself a full set of Wiffle Balls if you are going through a training course. Also, Wiffle bats delivering in the package makes it more convenient for a family to buy a set when it comes to an outdoor picnic or summer camping.

The official brands in this field understand their customers that they come up with various sets of balls and bats that best suit your preference. Many of them are arranged with colorful options and quite a few balls at such a reasonable price. The decision depends on your needs and your budget.


The Best Wiffle Ball Bats – Top 5

Easton Pro Stix – Best For Training

Easton Pro Stix

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If you are all but a stone-cold newbie, you should give this extraordinary, well-rounded bat a whack. Easton Pro was primarily brought to the wiffle ball world for the core purpose of training, so maneuvering the bat would be like a breeze.

This crucial feature is strengthened with its signature features – the outstanding design. With just about 34 inches in length and 8 ounces in weight, accompanied by the smart and sleek shape looking just like that of a professional model, it makes swinging and hitting the ball as effortless as it can get.

However, sadly, this product is not without flaws. It is not sold separated, but with balls, and as far as our experience went, they cannot do anything much aside from getting in the way.


  • Quality bat
  • Excellent for training
  • Decent shape


  • The balls included are pretty much useless

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Blitzball Starter Pack – Best Patent-Pending Bat

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Unlike those products that barge right into the market right after the manufacturing phase, this bat from Blitzball took a turn and entered a couple of serious tests, and at this point, it is waiting for a patent. This vital detail indicates that it is just one step away from being considered as a breakthrough in the wiffle ball industry.

You must be curious about how it is patent-pending, right? Well, the answer lies in nowhere else but its mind-blowing design.

With 34 inches in length and around 9 ounces in weight, it might look nothing different from other bats, but do not let that deceive you, as the secret power hides deep within. The bat has the ability to deliver strikes at maximum speed and distance, as well as to offer exceptional curves, which can undoubtedly put several wiffle bats from your local brands to shame.

Still, all of the advantages above come with a price, literally. Anything patent-related is hardly anywhere near cheap, and this one is no exception. Plus, it can take you a week or two to get the hang of it


  • Patent-pending
  • Exceptional design
  • Excellent speed and distance
  • Decent curve


  • High cost
  • Not for novice players

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Louisville Slugger Replica Bat – Best For Design

Louisville Slugger ReplicaCheck Latest Price

If you fancy a badass bat with premium quality like those used by professional baseball players but your limited budget keeps getting in the way, considering adding this Louisville Slugger Replica to your shopping list ASAP.

This bat is the carbon copy of the authentic C271, the superstar of Louisville Slugger. And it resembles the original one in so many details that you will not be able to tell them apart with your eyes only. Case in point, it is plastic from top to bottom, but it looks like it has been made out of quality wood – the core material of the infamous C271, even the faux grain seems realistic as well!

The appearance is not just for show only. Plenty of users, and so do we, can confirm that it works like a charm out in the field. Of course, you cannot expect this replica to be as excellent as the real deal, but it is about half as good. For a plastic wiffle bat, we would say that is quite enough!

Unfortunately, its breath-taking look was not built to last. After about one year of service, the crack will begin to show their nasty faces


  • Easy to use
  • Perfect replica of professional baseball bats
  • Decent performance


  • Not really durable

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Wiffle 32′ Bat – Best for Material

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Say hello to another phenomenal wiffle ball that the market has to offer: Wiffle 32’! If other models take pride in their ability to shine on the field, this one strikes the good first impression in something else: it’s material.

The bat, like any other one on this list and perhaps the whole wiffle ball industry, is made of pure plastic. But what takes it one level above everything else is an extraordinary quality. Coming from the USA, it guarantees to not only bring you some decent hits and have fun but also offer thorough protection. No hazardous chemicals or substances were added in the bat during the manufacturing phase, so rest assured that it is safe for you, your kids, and your entire family.

Besides, this bat comes in a set of two, along with a great many balls. So, safe fun will never end!

But there is one tiny issue. Wiffle 32’ is designed for slow flight only, which implies that it should only be used for training or simple stress-relieve plays between friends, not a serious match.


  • Easy to use
  • Safe material
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Only suitable for slow flight

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Franklin Sports MLB 30″ Authentic Plastic Bat – Best for Kids

Franklin Sports MLB 30 Authentic Plastic BatCheck Latest Price

Your little ones are eager to pick up the bat and go for a few rounds of wiffle ball? Then there is no questioning it, you need to get Franklin Sports MLB for them!

The bat is designed to fit in the grip of a child (around 30 inches), not so huge yet not too skinny either. Not to mention, with its bright red finish, it is bound to be in the center of attention. And as you can see, kids are always crazy for anything flashy and attention-grabbing, so they will fall in love with the bat in no time.

With solid plastic as its core material and its easy-to-control form, Franklin Sports MLB promises to assist your kids in their very first hits, and then bit by bit nurture their skills. This particular shape even serves a bigger role: sharpening their hand-eye coordination, turning them into little skilled players. An outstanding way to build a foundation, don’t you think?

Unfortunately, there is one fatal flaw. Impressive and eye-catching as it may look, this wiffle ball bat is merely a kid toy. And due to that, its structure is a bit flimsy, and overusing might have it warped pretty soon.


  • Eye-catching
  • Perfect for kid training
  • Bolster eye-hand coordination


  • A bit thin-walled

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How a Wiffle® Bat Can Help You as a Hitter

It goes without saying that wiffle ball can play a vital role in boosting your baseball reflexes. And a Wiffle® bat can, therefore, bring your hitting ability up a notch. Here is how:

Hand-eye coordination

What can be more important to a baseball/wiffle ball player than the ability to put not only your reflexes but also your sight to work? And the Wiffle® bat will do just that! Before stepping into the big field, try and boost your skills with a few training matches right at your home first. This is how you get used to hand-eye coordination.

Learn proper mechanic

The big games are never played with plastic bats. But the professional gear is not for everyone, especially the novice users. In this case, a Wiffle® bat is more likely to fit the bill. With its simple, lightweight design, it shows you the proper hitting mechanics, as well as how to stay in the pitch, how to get the right timing and so many more.

Wiffle Bat-how to hit

How to hit

We all know that hitting is a tough job, and that is why you should let Wiffle® bat give you a hand. Trial and errors are the greatest way to train yourself, and through your attempts in mastering the bat, soon, you will find the path to more advanced techniques.

What’s The Difference Between A Wiffle Ball Bat and A Baseball Bat?

A baseball bat and a wiffle ball bat might look the same, but they are actually worlds apart from each other. The most apparent difference undoubtedly lies in the handle diameter. To maximize the speed, this part of whatever bat made for baseball is designed to be quite modest. Meanwhile, the wiffle ball gear, for the purposes of slope and curving, tends to be thicker.

Plus, if you give the two bats a closer look, you will see that the one for baseball has a thinner and longer barrel.


With all the main features of the best wiffle ball bats mentioned above, I believe that you can already see what they can do.

In my opinion, I would prefer a simple classic look from a Louisville Slugger Replica Bat. With a reasonable price for a duplicated authentic wood finish, along with a firm plastic structure that endures well to abuse, the feeling is extremely amazing and worthy in hands.