Best Bats For Self Defense – Keep Yourself Safe And Sound!

A baseball bat for self-defense is becoming more and more essential in today’s world as the crime rate is hugely increasing.

Practically, people can easily use bats to defend against encounters, to protect the home, and to break through glass windows in emergency cases. There is no difficulty when saying about buying that “weapon”, but the question is, which are the best bats for self-defense?

Check it out! Here we have the top list for you.

Best Bats For Self Defense Quick comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher4.9/5Check Price

Negan's Bat “Lucille”4.8/5Check Price
SZYT Baseball Bat Self-Defense 4.8/5Check Price
TargetEvo Natural
Wood Baseball Bat
4.6/5Check Price
Harley Quinn Baseball Bat
Prop Replica
4.8/5Check Price

Things to Consider Before Buying a Baseball Bat for Self Defense


What most buyers will definitely look at when purchasing something is the price and so many might assume a high price will come with better quality.

In contrast, it’s so lucky that we can access hundreds of low price options as the bats for defense purposes are not so expensive, it would be wise to consider the high-priced one still as it may better serve its purpose.

Saying that doesn’t mean we advise you to throw thousands for a bat, you can easily find some good ones under $100 yet offer significant protection.

Size and weight of the bat

There is no fixed answer for the question of selecting the best size as it depends on your own preference to decide to wrap a full-size or a small t ball size baseball bat. However, no matter what you take, remember that you should be able to control and manage it within your strength easily.

Commonly, many people prefer small, lightweight bats as they are easier to be controlled and to be used in situations where you may counter an opponent in close battles; this time, the full-size bats may not effectively work.

We might assume that bat’s size relatively goes with weight, yet they don’t actually function the same way. It’s also important to consider the weight separately and don’t just spend money for a bat that is too heavy while you don’t have enough power to move it, so worthless!

Bat’s materials

Are you going to select your “ultimate weapon” made by something that can withstand cracks, pressure, and breakage? Yes, your choice is right but is not necessarily required in all circumstances. The key is how you optimize your choice of materials so that you can use them effectively during hard times.

Our recommendation is: let’s imagine how you use your bat in a battle and make a wise choice, the material doesn’t matter much yet the way you utilize it.

There are 3 main factors that need to be considered when choosing bat’s materials including stability, weight, and power.

For instance, if an aluminum bat comes with a lightweight and better stability, the wood bat’s density will deliver more impact by giving you a stronger bounce as you hit something.

In terms of weight, made of wood bats are rather substantial compared to those made of aluminum. Besides, some cheap wooden “baseball weapons” with weak durability can be broken easily.


Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher – Best overall

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You live in a rather dangerous neighborhood and have to always keep one eye open no matter what you do? Then this badass bat would help you find peace of mind once more!

With 29 inch lengthwise and 2 pounds in weight, all wrapped in an indestructible shell of polypropylene, this could turn out to be a nightmare for whoever has the nerve to challenge it. Plus, to fuel its power, the producer has guaranteed that it will not crack, or splinter, or bend even when you swing it down with all your might – this is something we can attest to through personal experience.

Combat aside, this bat can also double as a mere baseball bat thanks to its particular shape. Bodyguard by night, sporty mate by day – what can be better?

This bat is excellent and all, but unfortunately, it does not come with anti-slip function. So, one hard swing and you might have it flying. Be careful!


  • Cool design
  • Outstanding defense ability
  • Anti-scratch
  • Multifunctional


  • A bit slippery

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McFarlane Toy The Walking Dead – Most intimidating-looking bat

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You are not exactly fighter material and being involved in a physical battle is the last thing you would ever want as you are sure your utter defeat is the only outcome? Then maybe this bat would do you a favor.

Taking after the infamous weapon of Negan in The Walking Dead, everybody’s favorite post-apocalypse franchise, this 32-inch bat has a dangerous look with old wood texture and barbed wire wrapped around one end. It promises to scare your opponent senseless and within seconds they will be out of your sight for good.

But won’t you get in trouble while going around town with this? No sweat! Despite looking like a serial killer’s weapon, this item is made out of plastic, and the seem-to-be barbed wires are nothing but rubber. Sure, it packs while a punch, but it is far from lethal.

Still, this bat is made of two separate parts linked together, and the producer did not bother to paint over the seam so you could see it easily.


  • Impressive look
  • For the Walking Dead fan
  • Durable


  • The linking point is visible

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SZYT Baseball – Best For Design

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In the third place, we have SZYT Baseball, another potential candidate for the title of “Best home defense bat” with a design like no other!

Shiny and good-looking with metallic grey being the primary color and the huge logo printed across the big end is only one among its exceptional traits. The rest of them reside in their structure and shape. As you can see, this bat is just around 28 inches in length, with its diameter being roughly a bit larger than one inch. So, it fits snugly in your palm, and you can form a tight grip around it with ease.

Not to mention, this bat comes with a rubber pad functions as a shock absorber and prevents the whole bat from slipping from your fingers. So, feel free to swing it as hard as you can.

However, SZYT Baseball can be quite lightweight, almost too lightweight. Do not get us wrong here, it can still offer great protection, but if you are thinking of landing a fatal hit and knock out the opponent in one go, maybe try something else instead.


  • Good design
  • Anti-skid
  • Shock absorber


  • Lightweight

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TargetEvo Natural Wood – Best For Lady

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You are a girl living alone and you cannot help but feeling uneasy every time the night falls? Then a self-defense bat-like TargetEvo is a must-have!

With an impressive exterior (this item is constructed out of natural wood), the whole bat gives off an aura of something intimidating and not to be messed with. Therefore, having it around can help boost your confidence a bit.

Plus, this model offers three different sizes (25 inches, 29 inches, and 33 inches) with acceptable weight for each. So, suffice it to say that even when you do not take pride in your physical strength, you can still turn to this for self-protection. This is one massive plus point for this due to the fact that most bats available are designed with one size only, and they all are the best suit for well-built guys rather than petite ladies.

But this item is nothing without flaw. It offers a tape that is supposed to go around its handle, but this part is often complained to be poorly made and does not actually cling to the bat.


  • Suitable for women
  • Lightweight and fit your hand
  • Impressive design
  • Comes in different sizes


  • Poorly constructed tape

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Harley Quinn Baseball Bat – Best for DC Fan

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You are crazy for the DC Universe and thus, you want your self-defense gear to be DC-themed? Then we have just the thing for you!

This replica resembles the ultimate weapon of Harley from Suicide Squad and has all the details accurate. Well, it should be, it is licensed and authorized by Warner Bros after all. So, we can say with confidence that this is the ideal item to invest in if you want to fight like your favorite loony blonde bad girl.

But will a replica do any good in close-range combat? We agree, most movie-inspired bats are for display and cosplay only, but not this one. Made of hardwood that is solid, firm, and durable, it promises to smack the living daylight out of any unfortunate thug approaching you at night.

Still, you would not probably enjoy this replica if you are a film buff and a stickler for perfection, as its length is a bit different from that of the movie version (which is 34 inches, this one is just around 31 inches)


  • Outstanding design
  • Made out of hardwood
  • For DC fans


  • Not accurate compared to the movie version

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Practical Problems of Home Defense

Short guaranteed proximity

More than obvious, having some items available at home that can both be used as a toy and a weapon in front of attacks like a baseball bat definitely makes sense. Compared with using a gun, a bat is relatively harmless until you purposely drill it to others’ back or skull.

However, bats themselves practically have some problems. Look at the length of the bat; it is only helpful under close battle when you and your counter are in short proximity.

So what happens if the attacker is far from you, how can you use a 31-inch length bat to combat those that are outside your 200-meter fence? If you say distance is not a problem and you have another weapon for that situation, then let’s talk about potential problems you might suffer if you miss just a single swing in the “war”, it will become so catastrophic.

Hard to handle

Moreover, some bats are actually hard to manage, especially by women. For instance, lifting and swinging the 29-inch Brooklyn Crusher repeatedly is quite a hard task as you will need a lot of muscle here in the case.

The power of bats lies on how you swing it forcefully in combat, and of course, when they’re impossible to be swung; it definitely does not serve its primary functions; accordingly, it becomes impractical.

Final Thoughts

Not a pessimistic thought, but today’s world is becoming more dangerous, and self-defense worths the investment. We’re not expecting to be under any difficult situations, yet stay prepared if you don’t want to be gone into disasters.

Finding a good bat for defending yourself isn’t so difficult. The important thing is how to use a baseball bat to protect yourself if “storms” come unexpectedly.

In many situations, a swing may save your life, so prepare a bat beside you, and you may take our recommendation on best bats for self-defense into consideration.