Best Baseball Radar Guns-Which One Is For You?

Truth be told, in casual baseball games, training, or competitions, a radar gun is an indispensable equipment. For this reason, many companies take part in producing this type of baseball tool to keep pace with the increasing demand of customers. Thanks to this situation, there are many brands of baseball radar guns on the market with diverse quality and price, so customers can have a wide range of choices. On the contrary, the massive number of products will make baseball enthusiasts overwhelmed by choosing the best baseball radar gun.

To cope with this problem, we would like to provide you with the top list of the 5 most optimal radar guns. Yet, for people who first search for a baseball radar gun, we will share some basic information about this type of baseball equipment.

A Radar Gun For Baseball-Basic Information

What Is A Radar Gun For Baseball?

A radar gun is one of the most crucial equipment in baseball. This product is utilized to measure the speed of the baseball ball when it is forced to move in a specific distance. Commonly, a radar gun can also be used in other sports like tennis, softball, so on.

How Does This Device Work?

Firstly, we have to make out what is “Radar”. “Radar” is a term describing a Radio Detection And Ranging tool. In an easier way, for you to comprehend, a radar gun can simply be seen as a tool for measuring and tracking the speed of anything. This machine functions by releasing a narrow-beam radio signal. Next, it calculates the time consumed when the signal is transmitted to a targeted object and reflects from it. Furthermore, the radar guns are so versatile that they can be used to recognize the location, the coming, and the motion of any object.

Why Do You Need A Radar Gun In Your Baseball Games And Training?

If you are a baseball coach or scout, this device is a must-have one. In training, a baseball radar gun can provide you with detailed figures about the power of the batting and throwing of your players. Hence, you can easily compare them and opt for the best one.

On the contrary, if you are a baseball player, a radar gun will help you to keep track of your performance. And then, you can find the most optimal training sessions to boost your ability.

Best Baseball Radar Guns Quick comparison

Product imagesProduct namesEditor's ratingPrice
Stalker Pro IIs4.9/5Check Price

Stalker Sport 24.8/5Check Price
Pocket Radar Ball Coach4.8/5Check Price
Radar Gun 101911
4.7/5Check Price
Sports Sensors SSR3644.5/5Check Price


What To Focus On When Buying A Baseball Radar Gun?

#1 The Level You Tend To Use The Radar Gun For

Properly determining the level of your playing, scouting, and coaching will play a significant role in choosing an optimal radar gun. As a matter of fact, for scouts and coaches in a professional baseball league, their radar guns must be different from ones that are used at local leagues or semi-professional leagues.

On the contrary, for training and scouting in a minor baseball league, it would be an extravagance to go for extremely modern products at a high price. Honestly, everyone always wants to get the latest and most advanced radar guns. However, these models will be costly, and most of their features are too complicated to use in casual cases. Hence, deciding which level you are going to use the baseball radar gun is considerably vital.

Baseball Radar Gun Reviews

#2 Distance The Radar Gun Can Cover

The distance-covering capacity of a radar gun is closely linked with users’ level of expertise. According to a lot of research, professional coaches and scouts in Major Leagues tend to observe the performance and training of players from a far distance. Hence, they can grasp the whole tactics, the movement of players, and the speed for more detailed adjustment.

Besides, in professional games, scouts and coaches have to maintain their distance from players to avoid distracting them. For this reason, the radar gun for this purpose should be able to measure the ball’s speed from a faraway distance. Nonetheless, the price for the far-distance radar gun is always high.

On the other side, if your mission is to coach or scout in an amateur local league, you don’t have to pay too much money for a radar gun that can cover an exceeded distance. The reason is that almost every non-professional coach tends to stand near players during their training. Plus, during the game, coaches and players are separated by the fence only, so this distance can’t trouble any type of radar gun.

#3 Accuracy

Normally, a radar gun with exceptional accuracy will come with a relatively high price. This is understandable, but there are still some reasonable-priced products with extremely accurate measuring.

#4 Batteries

A radar gun is a device that will be used in a constant period of time, so it should be equipped with long-lasting batteries. In specific, there are factors about batteries, which you should consider, like the size, the energy capacity, and the chargeable feature.

In general, the battery system of a moderate radar gun can last for up to 2 baseball games only. Hence, you can imagine how wasteful it is if you have to pay extra money to buy batteries for the device. To utilize a radar gun at its utmost and still save your budget, we recommend that you buy models with rechargeable batteries.

#5 Portability And Ease Of Use

As we all know, baseball is a sport that involves a lot of vigorous body movements. As a result, coaches and scouts who use radar guns also have to move around the field to achieve the most precise measurement. For this reason, the radar gun should be designed in a compact form with lightweight components so as to simplify the handling of users.

Furthermore, the manufacturers need to apply obvious and user-friendly controlling buttons on the device so that users will face no difficulty in operating the products.

Best Baseball Radar Guns Reviews

#1 Stalker Pro IIs Radar Gun-Best Overall

First and foremost, we would like to mention the measurement capability of this device. To be exact, this radar can function well within 500 feet in case the views are not unobstructed. Therefore, coaches and scouts can simply measure the speed of the baseball balls from a faraway distance. Furthermore, the speed range of this Stalker Pro IIs Radar Gun is up to 150 MPH. By that, we mean this model can handle almost every throwing and batting of players with the nearly complete exactitude.

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Apart from the excellent measurement capability, this Stalker Pro IIs is well-known for its straightforward and convenient operation. This model has its handle designed like a pistol grip, so it can offer users with the most comfortable and steady grabbing.

Moreover, this radar gun has an advantage over other models. With this model, you can constantly keep track of your measurement by connecting it with your smart devices. This is one of the prominent features that help this Stalker gain many customers.

Typically, a factor that plays an important role in deciding whether a portable electronic device is good or not is its lifetime among each charge. To be exact, this model features a rechargeable lithium battery that can allow you to use it simultaneously in 5 hours.

Despite all the outstanding features above, this Pro IIs has a minor drawback. It is a pricey price.


  • Easy handling
  • Wide distance covering
  • Wireless data transmitting
  • 5-hour lifetime


  • Expensive

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#2 Stalker Sport 2 Model 816-1010-00-The Best Alternative For Stalker Pro IIs

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There is nothing that we have to complain about the Stalker Pro IIs except for its price. For this reason, many coaches, scouts, or players can not afford a Pro IIs for their games and training. Yet, don’t worry, the Stalker Sport 2 Model 816-1010-00 will be the best alternative at a much cheaper price.

Honestly, the Stalker Sport 2 features a design nearly the same as the design of the Stalker Pro IIs. As a result, you can control this model with ease due to a pistol-grip-like handle.

Plus, the model 816-1010-00 radar gun from Stalker can cover a 300-foot range, so you can choose a safe position from the baseball games and still attain the exact records. Besides, the error of this model is limited to a minimum rate of +/-1 MPH.

With this model, you will find the same convenience at use like the Pro IIs thanks to the functioning buttons placed in handy positions. Moreover, you can rely on this radar gun for constant use because it is powered by 8 AA batteries for an exceptional lifespan.

Since this Stalker is sold at a cheap price but still retains the excellent features, it has been made with dime materials. Therefore, the Stalker Sport 2 will bring you a sense of a poorly-made product.


  • A cheaper version of Stalker Pro IIs
  • 300-foot range covering
  • Minimum error rate
  • Suitable for a long time of use


  • A dime outlook

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#3 Pocket Radar PR1000-BC Radar Gun-The Best Compact Radar

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If you are into a super compact radar gun, this Pocket Radar Pr1000-BC must be your most optimal choice. From the name of the company “Pocket Radar”, everyone can a little bit visualize which size of the product will be. And, of course, this PR1000-BC comes in a pocket-sized design, which is even smaller than any type of smartphone at present for you to effortlessly use and carry around.

Besides, the total weight of this model is only 4 ounces, so you barely have any feeling of carrying this one in your hand when moving around the feel to measure the ball speed.

However, portable design is not enough for the baseball radar gun from Pocket Radar to stand in the second position of this top list. There are many other factors that contribute to the remarkable efficiency of this model.

We will start with the ease of use. Since the PR1000-BC is made with an irreducible design, it is really straightforward to be used. You will have two buttons for manipulating the device, the blue one is for user-triggered mode, and the smaller one is for switching between 4 different modes like Shut Down, Change Units, Clear Memory, and Constant-On (for hand-free use).

Plus, the pocket-sized radar offers a nearly complete accuracy within 120 feet of range. The error of this device is +/- 1 MPH only.

All the compact electric equipment on the market nowadays have the same problem with a short lifespan, and this Radar Pocket is not the opposite. Because of the small design, the PR1000-BC can constantly work in 1 hour only.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • 4 different modes
  • Excellent accuracy


  • Low battery

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#4 Bushnell Radar Gun 101911-Cheapest Radar Gun With Wonderful Features

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Unless you are a millionaire, budget is always one of the most noteworthy considerations when you intend to buy anything. Yet, this radar gun 101911 from Bushnell can solve your problem.

The device from Bushnell is sold at an extremely affordable price, to be exact, less than $100. Therefore, it is appropriate for people who first look for a baseball radar gun, and it can be a decent product for your initial experience of a radar gun.

In fact, many people may assume that coming with a cheap product will be an improper function. Yet, this Bushnell 109911 will prove to you the contrary. An affordable-priced radar gun is still equipped with prominent features.

This Bushnell is made not for measuring ball speed only, and it can also be utilized for identifying the speed of vehicle within the 1,500 feet range. Yet, for a baseball ball speed, the appropriate distance for measuring is 90 feet with +/- 1 MPH accuracy. In fact, this is not an impressive distance, but it is tolerable because of the low price.

Furthermore, this company applies a clear LCD display for users to easily read the result. Plus, the brand offers a 2-year warranty as a way to affirm the quality of the product.

So as to minimize the price, the Bushnell manufactures its radar gun from 100% plastic. Hence, this model is not durable.


  • Under $100 radar gun
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Exact measuring results


  • Not durable

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#5 Sports Sensors SSR364 Radar-Best Hand-free Radar

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This model is the most optimal radar for you to measure the swing speed in baseball. Unlike other radar guns that require you to hold them in your hand, this Sports Sensors SSR364 Radar allows you to find out the speed by placing it still on any surface.

Apart from laying this device on the ground, you can utilize it by hanging the radar on a batting cage, fence, or a tripod. If you position this model on a tripod, remember to keep it about 5 feet away from the players. And, the radar will automatically complete its own job, you won’t have to do anything.

Moreover, the SSR364 features a 3 segment LCD display that can obviously show the measuring results for any scout or coach to keep track of their players’ performance. Also, the battery life is impressive with up to 2-year constant use.

The drawback of this model is that it is just suitable for measuring the speed of batting. Hence, if you want to calculate the speed of throwing, this Sports Sensors is not for you.


  • Hand-free operation
  • 3 AA batteries for 2-year use
  • Clear LCD screen
  • Can be used for golf


  • For batting only

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Notices For Using A Baseball Radar Gun

The radar gun is a type of semi-automatic device, so it requires some notices that you should focus on when using a baseball radar gun for the best results.

#1 Keep The Radar Gun In The Appropriate Distance

According to the specifications from the manufacturers, each type of radar gun is suitable to be used at a specific distance. Hence, if you put the device too far away from players, it may not achieve the most accurate results.

The recommended distance for positioning the radar gun is about 5 feet backward or forwards the players.

Notices For Using A Baseball Radar Gun

#2 Make Sure You Charge The Radar Gun Properly

As we all know, almost every radar gun is a battery-powered device. For this reason, you have to be aware of the capacity of the batteries so that the radar gun won’t run out of battery accidentally right in the middle of the baseball games or training.

#3 Be Ready To Take Note Of The Results

If you want to keep track of the performance of baseball players, you should write down the result measured by the radar gun immediately after it finishes functioning. Or else, the device will automatically remove all the results for the upcoming use because barely radar guns have memory.

#4 Use A Radar Gun With Some Additional Gears

You should put on protective gear for your safety when using a radar gun to avoid the baseball balls from hitting you. Besides, with some models without a pistol-grip handle, you need to use a gimbal to steadily position the radar.


Choosing the best baseball radar gun will assist you a lot in boosting your skills in baseball, especially throwing and batting. Hence, you should rely on our top list above and the buying guide to opting for an optimal baseball radar gun. Plus, we have reviewed each product with its most prominent feature so that you can easily decide which one to get. Don’t hesitate to spend your money on a radar gun for baseball, and it will be such a cost-effective investment.