The Best baseball bags

Best Baseball Bags: Reviews & Buying Guide

As a baseball enthusiast, you must need something to protect your equipment, right? What about a baseball bag?

Currently, there are many types of backpacks that are both beautiful and durable on the market. Therefore, to help you find a suitable backpack, we have collected 8 best baseball bags in 2020 and give you an objective view of these types.

Come with us, everything will be solved!

In-depth Reviews of 8 Best Baseball Bags In 2020

Product imagesProduct names Price
DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth BackpackCheck Price

Athletico Baseball Bat BagAthletico Baseball Bat BagCheck Price
EASTON E610W Bat & Equipment Wheeled BagCheck Price
Franklin Sports MLB Batpack BagCheck Price
Athletico Baseball Tote BagCheck Price
DeMarini Momentum Wheeled BagCheck Price
Boombah Superpack Bat PackCheck Price
Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack SeriesCheck Price


#1 DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack

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Listed as one of the best bags in 2020, this DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth works greatly to bring all the large space and wonderful features that every baseballer requires. Of course, its price is also affordable.

The main compartment of the product is really large that you can put in a helmet, a couple of gloves, and many more small items such as a phone, a watch, a wallet, etc. On two sides of the bag, there are sleeves made of neoprene to hold and cover the bat and balls.

The good things do not stop there. In addition, the bag is well designed to resist water strongly. Due to this reason, you can rest assured every time raining appears during your match.

The advantages could make this DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth perfect without the following bad point. When the bag has to carry so much stuff, it becomes so heavy and gives you difficulty to carry around.


  • Big main compartment
  • Many colors and styles
  • Two long ergonomic sleeves


  • Heavyweight while holding so much stuff


This DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth is really a good solution for any player who requires a cheap and large room backpack.

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#2 Athletico Baseball Bat Bag

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For any beginner who does not want to pay much money on a top-end baseball backpack, this product will be a good choice.

Designed to have much space inside all the compartments, the product allows you to store up to a helmet, a couple of batting gloves, a hat, two gloves, and many other items. Moreover, the sleeves on two sides of the bag are also really big that you can use to hold water bottles or bats.

Typically, you can not expect high durability from a cheap product. However, this high-quality polyester backpack can work to last more than one season long. In case you are the type of careful person who knows how to handle the bag, we can say that it will never tear out!

On the downside, what we don’t like about this product is the zipper design. As you open the backpack by zipping the zipper up, the stuff inside may fall out quickly. Of course, you don’t want your smartphone or any fragile stuff to be broken after falling, right?


  • Big-room compartments
  • High durability
  • Cheap price


  • Bad zipper design


When it comes to low-price and durable backpack, this Athletico Baseball Bat Bag will be a good option.

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#3 EASTON E610W Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag

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Do you hate carrying a heavy baseball bag on your back around? If yes, why don’t you buy a wheeled bag that can be pulled like a suitcase?  Right in this section, we share with you a good wheeled bag named Easton E610W.

As you can see, the full bottom rails and bracketed inline wheels are made of sturdy materials in order to move smoothly on any type of terrain. Besides, the underneath of the product is really strong that can withstand the bag stuff heavyweight greatly.

Another good point is, the bag vented pockets can lower the bad smells to the lowest and also support the product to dry quicker. Therefore, even you slide the bag on mud, you can wash and dry it without a problem.

After our opinion, the product could be better when the manufacturer improves the zipper quality. As you put too much stuff inside the bag, sometimes the zipper becomes really hard to zip up and down.


  • Strong bottom
  • Sturdy wheels
  • Removing bad smells


  • Bad zipper quality


If you need many conveniences in transporting, this sturdy wheeled bag will not make you disappointed.

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#4 Franklin Sports MLB Batpack Bag

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You have children who enjoy playing baseball and want to buy for them a good-quality backpack? Alright, we have a product that is specially made for kids! Let’s check out the Franklin Sports MLB right away!

The first thing that you care about a rucksack surely is the storage, right? Just rest assured because this bag has large compartments that allow you to store many baseball pieces of equipment such as face mask, batting gloves, protective gloves, cleats, and more items.

Besides, the two nets on both bag sides are also big that your kids can take advantage to carry up to 2 bats! On top of the backpack, there is a hook that can be hung up high. Thanks to this feature, your children will be able to keep the bag clean while playing.

Unfortunately, this backpack is not so durable. In fact, after a time of use, some spots of the bag may begin to wear out and leave behind many awful holes.


  • Large storage
  • Big nets on two sides
  • Hook for hanging the bag up high


  • Weak durability


With the large compartments, your children can put many things inside the bag to both go to school and to go playing baseball.

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#5 Athletico Baseball Tote Bag

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The Athletico Baseball Tote Bag is another cheap and beautiful product that we want to introduce in our today review. Coming up with 4 different colors: black, blue, red, and pink, this shoulder bag can suit both male and female baseballers.

One thing about the bag that we have to give a compliment is the big storage. Besides all the pieces of necessary equipment for play games, the bag still provides much room for you to store many accessories such as sunglasses, smartphones, tablets, wallets, etc.

To decrease the pressure on your arms and shoulder, the straps of the bag can be modified as you desire. No wonder why it is so ideal to travel from place to place.

However, this product does not have the ability to remove bad smells. Thus, we advise you not to wear it to go out on rainy days. Also for the same reason, never use this product to store snacks and drinks.


  • Big storage
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Bad smells
  • Taking much time to dry


With 4 color options, this product will be a good fashion accessory for you to go to playing baseball.

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#6 DeMarini Momentum Wheeled Bag

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Coming back to another product by the brand DeMarini, we want to introduce to you the Momentum Wheel Bag. Built to have strong solid wheels, this bag can be pulled to travel smoothly on any type of rugged terrain.

If the above products can not please you with their bag zipper design, then this one zipper will surely be a plus. Believe us, this lock has a great sliding mechanism and high durability. Therefore, you can trust it to protect your stuff inside the bag while moving.

The only bad point of the product is its compact style. Due to the small storage, some parts of the bats may not be fully covered and have to stay outside. So, in case you are about to store some long baseball bats, we advise you to buy a different product that has a better length than this one.


  • Strong wheels
  • Good zipper design


  • Small storage


As the zipper is well designed to protect all the short baseball tools inside the bag, we can say that this product is one of the best bags for catchers.

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#7 Boombah Superpack Bat Pack

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Your shoes always get dirty after the game and you don’t want to put them together with other baseball tools in the same compartment? Alright, let’s see if the Boombah Superpack Bat Pack can help you.

Designed with a large separate compartment to hold baseball shoes and clothes, the product can work to prevent your other gears from getting dirty.

Understanding that the shoes are so heavy, the manufacturer has added also a telescopic handle and heavy-duty wheels to the bag. Therefore, you can move it from place to place with fewer efforts. Convenient, right?

Of course, for a wonderful complex backpack design, you will have to spend a lot of money. However, this is not a big deal as long as you have a good product to serve your purposes, right?


  • Separate compartments
  • Telescopic handles
  • Strong wheels


  • Expensive price


The separate compartments of this backpack is really a good solution for you to set the dirty shoes and other baseball tools apart.

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#8 Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack Series

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Having the biggest storage among all 8 products on our list, this Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack can support you to hold up to 4 bats along its two sides! Really impressive, isn’t it?

Not only that but this backpack also has a large main compartment to store gloves and other baseball tools. In addition, there is even a fleece-lined compartment for you to keep some high-price accessories such as phones, keys, money, etc.

Keep in mind one thing: the bag can store much stuff, but it is not heavy. In specific, the straps of the bag are perfectly foam-padded, making itself ideal for you to comfortably carry around. When you get to the field, you can even hang the bag on the fence thanks to a strong hook on the top pack.

However, this Louisville Slugger Prime Stick Pack is not a money-saving solution for you. To be honest, the price of this bag is really high, but in trade, all you receive from the pack is a great satisfaction.


  • Big compartments
  • Lightweight
  • Padded straps


  • Expensive price


Have you been impressed by the features of this bag? If yes, you should open your wallet and buy it right away. The price may be expensive, but the product is worth any dollar you pay for it.

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Buying Guide

To have the best baseball bags, all you have to do is to follow our below tips to get the right backpack.


Usually, before making a decision to buy a bag, you should see if your budget allows you to get it or not. On the market, there are still tons of cheap products that provide so many good features that you can refer to.


Baseball bags have many different styles that serve different purposes. We will see clearer about these types in the next section.


The storage is also an important point that you have to notice every time you buy a baseball bag. Because the baseball gears are quite big, the bag should provide much space for you to place all of them inside.


A good bag should allow you to modify its parts such as the straps, the zipper, the storage, and more. Don’t underestimate this feature because it will decide the comfort of the bag when you wear it.

baseball bags type

Bag Styles

As we have mentioned above, there are many different types of the best baseball bags that serve different purposes. Right under below, we will make small discussions about three common bag styles. Let’s scroll down to see all of them!

Bat bag

The bat baseball bag looks the same as a normal duffel bag. To put it simply, this bag is just a tote that has a short handle in order to support gripping and carrying.

Handheld baseball bag

The handheld bag usually has many compartments to store baseball tools. Unlike the handles of the bat bag, the handheld bags are often connected with shoulder straps for comfort in carrying.

Wheeled bag

The wheeled bags are the most ideal products to hold heavy items. As the packs have sturdy wheels, you can pull them like pulling the suitcase to bring all the baseball stuff from place to place without a problem.

Catcher’s Bag And Common Baseball Bag – What Is The Difference?

When choosing the best baseball bags, you may wonder what is the dissimilarity between the catcher’s bag and normal baseball bags, right? Here, we will explain the differences to you.

The catcher’s bags usually provide more space for you to store the gears than the normal bags do. Typically, the catcher’s type is designed with wheeled for easier transportation.

On the other hand, the catcher bags often have better organization of storage. More specifically, a common catcher bag is divided into 3 compartments. One is for shoes, one is for tools, and the rest is for valuable accessories.


In conclusion, we have given you a review of the 8 best baseball bags in 2020. From now on, you are able to get the right baseball backpack. Make sure that you follow our guide when choosing that item.

For further buying tips, just get in touch with us. We will share all of our experiences with you.

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