Are Weighted Baseballs Safe to Use?

If you’re a baseball player, this article is for you. Baseballs typically used in games weigh between 5 and 5 ½ ounces. But that may not be enough weight to train young pitchers the importance of throwing with sufficient velocity to stay competitive. If this sounds like you, are weighted baseballs safe to use and good for your arm? Read on for answers!

Are Weighted Baseballs Safe to Use?

If you haven’t heard of weighted baseballs, then first we need to clarify what is weighted baseballs?

Weighted baseballs are essentially the same as regular baseballs, but with added weight. They may be used alone or with traditional non-weighted balls.

The safety of weighted balls has been debated since the late 1970’s when inflatable balls were introduced. Many coaches and parents worry that weighted balls are dangerous for young arms and could lead to a number of medical problems.

So how to use them safely? The first and foremost advice from baseball coaches is that you should be aware of the distance that you throw weighted baseballs. It’s suggested to throw them not farther than 15 feet away.


Throwing Safety with Weighted Baseballs

Well, you can increase your arm strength with weighted baseballs if you know how to throw them safely. As with all things in baseball, there are risks to throwing weighted balls. If you throw weighted balls too far away from you, they could slam into your head or another body part and cause injury. Also, if a ball hits you while you throw it and rebounds back toward you, it can lead to serious injury as well. So remember no more than 15 feet.

To use weighted baseballs for throwing, you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by finding a target at least 30 feet away from, then hold the weight ball in the dominant hand and throw an underhand toss towards the target. Repeat 10 times.
  2. Now switch hands, and repeat this process 3 times with your other arm.
  3. Next, repeat the process with both arms for 10 reps each.
  4. Complete 10 total sets for one workout.
  5. Repeat this every day, 3 days a week to increase your game speed and softball speed.

Weighted baseballs are a great way for pitchers to improve their aim and mechanics, but it is important that they follow safety precautions when using the product.

Corey Kluber uses weighted baseballs to train

Corey Kluber uses weighted baseballs to train(

Weighted Baseballs for Throwing

There are a number of different weight options available for weighted baseballs. Some are made from lead and others from a variety of different materials. The specific material used should be considered when purchasing weighted baseballs. This will help you choose baseballs that are made of materials that won’t cause injury if they happen to hit someone’s face or head.

Also, select the right weight for the right age. For example, youth players are advised to use 6oz baseballs to practice.

Weighted Baseballs Safety Tips

Take these precautions when using weighted baseballs:

If you’re serious about improving your pitching, consider using weight training equipment with a swivel design that allows young pitchers to train safely and effectively. A swivel design provides the flexibility to throw weighted baseballs and other training equipment in a way that avoids injury to young arms.

Weighted baseballs can be used for training pitchers safely in a number of ways such as for the following fitness and skill drills. If you’re looking for alternatives to throwing a regular baseball, consider using weighted balls.

Should I Use a Weighted Baseball?

If you’re a pitcher and want to improve the ball velocity, then yes, this is a great technique. If you have ever witnessed MLB players warm up before the game, you can see them practicing with weighted baseballs.


Which Weighted Baseball is Best?

Weighted baseballs come in a wide variety of weights and materials, and their exact impact on conditioning is generally unclear. Thus, when it comes to selecting the best weighted baseball, make sure you get a set of a variety of weights at an affordable price.

When you have a number of weight options at hand, it’s easy to diversify your training.

When it comes to weighted balls, the size of the ball will determine how far you can throw them. The bigger, denser ball will allow you to throw it further. This is why players from around the world use weighted balls in their training programs and competitive games.

A pro pitcher may throw from 60 to 90 mph with a weighted ball, but can’t throw 80 mph without the ball.

While you may not need weighted baseballs for every game in your season, you certainly can use them for throwing sessions before games and during the off-season. This is because they allow you to focus on proper form and mechanics.

How Much Weight Should I Use?

The more weight you use, the more speed your muscles will develop. However, it’s important to note that slow-motion video analysis has shown that there is little difference between softballs and weighted balls in regards to pitching velocity.

Weighted baseballs can range from  6-12oz. One recommended weight for beginners is 6 ounces and is a good weight for young pitchers who are 8-12 years old. Once you get used to it, you can increase your weight. Don’t rush as you can harm yourself.

Related Questions

# Weighted Baseballs Do Not Increase Arm Speed or Strength?

If practiced properly, weighted baseballs will increase your arm speed and strength. Depending on your weight, you can throw more balls (up to 150) during one training session.

# Is a Weighted Baseball Safe?

The weighted baseball is safe for pitchers who understand the proper rule of using it. Also, it is safe for any player who understands the correct use of the product. If you are not in these categories, then you should not buy them.

# Can You Use Weighted Baseballs for Hitting?

Weighted baseballs are not recommended for batting. However, some coaches find it an effective way for batters to practice for these 2 reasons:

  • It helps to focus on hitting and get better at swinging
  • It encourages the hitter to use more upper body and improve their arm extension.

However, it is not a good idea for batters who are not in ideal shape. It can injure them and make them weaker.

# Can You Use a Weighted Baseball in the Field?

Weighted baseballs should not be used during a game, as it is dangerous to another player or yourself if you toss or throw them too far away. They can cause serious injuries if not used properly. You should use them for practice or warm-up only.

# Where Can You Buy Weighted Baseballs?

Weighted baseballs can be bought from different companies. However, not all of them have the same style or manufacturing process. To avoid any mistakes or injuries, make sure you buy the right ones. One of the famous brands is Atec. You can easily find them on Amazon.

Final Words

Now you know how exercise with weighted baseballs can improve your pitching skills. Remember, safety is key to using weighted baseballs. You should never throw them over 15 feet in distance and never throw them toward anyone’s head or body.

Weighted baseballs for training pitchers are a good way to improve your aim, mechanics, and timing while training at home. They’re also a great tool for increasing arm strength without risking injury to young arms.